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Digi-rotica String Shot by MyPetTentacleMonster

Digimon Dickgirl Hentai at

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

Every time I see these Digi-rotica drawings by MyPetTentacleMonster my first thought is, “what the fuck are they wearing?!” Lol

Seriously though, what the fuck are they wearing? Maybe something is lost in translation because I’ve never see an episode of Digimon before. I remember watching Yu-Gi-Oh! on Saturday mornings when I used to work at a video store, but I absolutely hated that show. I only had it on because it aired before other cartoons I used to like. Maybe that’s why I never got into Digimon- I just associated it with Yu-Gi-Oh! as another lame card/monster capturing show, much to Digimon fan’s chagrin I’m sure.

Regardless of the reasoning, it’s too late to change that now. I’m never going to go back and watch Digimon or anything. What I will do though is jerk off to hentai based on it though. Especially if it’s drawn by MyPetTentacleMonster.

Art by MyPetTentacleMonster ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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    Gwen Tennyson getting a futanari DP

    Rule 34 Futanari Hentai at

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

    This is what I love about Rule 34, the fact that Rule 34 in itself has no rules!

    So if someone wants to commission a picture of Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10, Frankie Foster from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and Oerba Dia Vanille from FFXIII there’s really nothing stopping them!

    And if they want to transform two of those characters into futanari babes and have them pound the juicy booty of the third, then more power to them!

    This picture is brought to us by Contingency whose art I absolutely love! He doesn’t do many futanari pictures so I haven’t really been able to feature him here, but with this rare gem I get the chance to gush about his awesome work!

    The second-best thing Contingency does is drawing thick, curvy girls with booties to die for. The absolute best thing he does is drawing thick, curvy girls with booties getting porked by fat cocks!

    Gwen has really been put through the wringer here, her make-up is all smudged, her mouth is leaking cum and her tits are coated in spunk. No doubt Frankie and Oerba gave her a serious mouth- and tit-fucking to warm up for fucking her sweet ass!

    Said ass is getting stretched to the max and pumped to bursting with hot jizz! Good thing Frankie is holding Gwen’s arms cause the poor/lucky girl is probably gonna be falling to the ground in a shuddering heap of cum-covered tits and ass soon!

    Although he doesn’t have much in the way of futanari art, I highly recommend Contingency’s art to anyone hungry for booty, MILFs or naughty incest because you’ll find all of it in his gallery!

    - Rexxon

    Art by Contingency ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr ~ Patreon

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      Ghenghis Khan’s Big Adventure – Art and Story by Arcturus

      Fantasy Futanari Hentai at

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

      Hello…my name is Ghengis Khan. I am a ‘rescue.’

      My rescuer, Aileen McCormac, brought me to her home in the Abbey of St Adolphus after my mom, brothers and sisters got eaten by a wolf. I survived the wolf attack because I was smaller than my siblings and had fallen into a small hole moments before.

      Aileen is cool…she calls me Ghengis Khan to make me feel bold and powerful! Her left boob is my favorite spot for a catnap.

      Tonight I wake to find a soft glow filling our room and strange symbols surrounding my mistresses bed….

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        Lara Croft fucked by two futanari mummies

        Tomb Raider Futanari Hentai at

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

        Hmmmmm I don’t seem to recall this scene in and of the Tomb Raider games. Maybe you had to use one of those old Gameshark cheat codes or something.

        Do you all remember those things? Do they even make them anymore? I think I had a Gameshark for my NES when I was a kid. Or I borrowed one, I can’t remember. It was fun for a laugh here and there, but I never really used it all that much. Gamesharks codes tended to break the game more than they added to it, and I’m all about the end game.

        Ahhhhhhh the things my brain thinks of when I look at hentai lol

        Art by Comix Mill ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Website

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          Shemale Sketches by InCase – Part 2

          Shemale and Transgender Hentai at

          CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

          Here’s a small collection of shemale sketches by InCase. They popped up on his Tumblr page (the “Tumblr 1″ link below) and I figured it would be fun to collect them here. I particularly enjoy the drawing of the busty shemale getting a blowjob from her MILF-y maid. According to InCase’s write-up on Tumblr, he plans to do more with these two characters in the future so keep your eyes peeled.

          Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog ~ Tumblr 1 ~ Tumblr 2 ~ Patreon

          Shemale and Transgender Hentai at

          Shemale and Transgender Hentai at

          Shemale and Transgender Hentai at

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            Iniquity and Aria by Avernal Ascent

            Shemale Hentai at

            CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

            So, what’s the name of this sexual act? A thighjob? A leg fuck?

            I think I like the first one better so I’ll stick with it. Either way, that’s gotta be quite the workout for Aria. Have you ever tried doing that machine at the gym where you squeeze your legs together? Yea, it’s not easy, and Aria has to do it a lot to get Iniquity off. Good thing she has such wonderfully thick thighs. My girlfriend does too, maybe I should have her try this on my one of these days. That might be fun. Hmmmmmm…

            Art by Avernal Ascent ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Tumblr

            Iniquity belongs to Infernal Person ~ Hentai Foundry
            Aria belongs to Avernal Ascent ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Tumblr

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              In The Captain’s Cabin by Breaux

              A shemale pirate fucking her female captive - Transgender Hentai at

              CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

              Here’s an entry by Breaux in that pirate contest that was on Hentai Foundry this past summer. I kinda just stumbled upon it so please excuse the tardiness of the feature. After all, it’s still a hot fucking drawing.

              The dickgirl pirate with the face paint is Frenzy and belongs to Breaux. The other character does too, but I don’t know her name. Honestly, the thing I like the most about this piece is Frenzy’s face paint (or tattoo, I’m not sure). I think it looks hella cool and if I were a shemale pirate I’d probably get something like that too…after a few bottles of whiskey first, of course.

              Art by Breaux ~ Hentai Foundry
              Frenzy belongs to Breaux

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                Princess Pippa fucking Beclon in the ass – Art by Pablo

                Shemale Hentai at

                CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

                I can never get over how big Princess Pippa’s dick is. I mean, it is a horse cock so I shouldn’t be suprised, but each time I’m like, “Goddaaaaaaaaaamn.” I wouldn’t even know what to do with that monster. I certainly wouldn’t be able to take it up my ass the way Beclon is. The math just doesn’t work lol, but I do love seeing her try. The look on Beclon’s face is priceless.

                So is Princess Pippas for that matter. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the look of a person who’s unleashing a tidal wave of milky white jizz in someone else’s ass. In other words, the look of pure ecstasy.

                Art by Pablo ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Website

                Princess Pippa belongs to Shia ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr
                Beclon belongs to Pablo ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Website

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