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Kayden and Harper spit roasting Ashton – Art by JamesAB

Shemale and Transgender Hentai at

If the purple haired one wants (Ashton ~Futa Fan), we could trade off while no one is looking, having the same hair color.

– Guzzoleen General

Art by JamesAB ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr
Kayden, Ashton, and Harper belong to Ninja Oi ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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    All The Queens’ Cum – Chapter 1

    Shemale and Transgender Hentai and Stories at

    “God Damn, she’s beautiful”. It’s a warm summer day by the waterfall. The sway of the trees and pond water from the cool breezes make up the ambient sound, along with the occasional frog, cricket and cicada. The sounds of nature are enough to hide the sudden whispers and other noises coming from the young Damien Medina. Damien, the muscular, red-skinned, horn-and-tail-having, dreadlocked, slightly tattooed & pierced Deminar managed to find a sneaky and shady spot by the pond where he could spy on a beautiful female Deminar, who is bathing near the gorgeous waterfall just merely a few feet away.

    The helpless victim is Harper Xross. The crimson-skinned Vixen has incredibly deep curves, with star tattoos that run down from her ribs to her thighs on her right side, radiant violet eyes, a cute and short tail, and a sexy punk haircut; (the left half of her head is shaved, and the other with flowing black hair). Oh, and the best part about Harper? Right between her toned abs and her voluminous thighs, is a thick, long, and red veiny cock. That’s what make the Deminari race special; All their men and women have penises. This introduces an interesting dynamic for love; most Deminari females usually have male and female partners that like to either top, bottom, or both. For Harper’s case, her tough but confidently sexy personality attracts so many women to her, and she loves to please every one of them with stuffing their butts. However, although it’s rare, when she finds a male (or her girlfriend Kayden Reigns on a good day) that can match or exceed those qualities of her personality, she can’t help but let her panties drop, knees buckle, and get pounded by strong and deserving partners.

    Unfortunately, Damien has failed this test. Usually, he runs rampant all over the Deminari Domain, succumbing to any urge he gets and takes whatever female available to cure him. But when he first approached Harper, he was a marshmallow; fidgeting, stuttering his words, trouble making eye contact. She thought it was cute at first, knowing Damien’s track record with the other Deminari girls, but ultimately “cute” is not the material she yearns to be a butt buddy for. However, she still found Damien to be a smoking hot hunk, and thinking about him did pique her curiosity about something else.

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      Who Needs Panties? by Ninja Oi

      A cute shemale devil strips out of her panties - Transgender Hentai at

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

      Who needs panties, indeed? No one, that’s who! Especially when you have a beautiful cock like Harper does. And 80’s laser effects in the background, can’t forget about those lol. 80’s lasers makes everything better. Why else do you think it was such a magical time?

      Art by Ninja Oi ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr
      Harper belongs Ninja Oi

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        Kayden and Harper by RandomBoobGuy

        Two sexy shemale devils shows off their big round asses - Transgender Hentai at

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

        I’m not gonna lie, I’m a white guy and I love big butts. I’ve always been a bit of an oddity in that regard, especially growing up in the predominately white suburbs of Maryland. While all my friends growing up were drooling over generic blondes that weighed 100lbs I was looking at the black and Hispanic girls with curves. More cushion for the pushin’ I always say (so do a lot of other people, but that’s beside the point).

        Of course my favorite type of butts are the ones attached to sexy shemale devils like Kayden and Harper here. The only problem is, I don’t know which one I like more. I guess I just have to be so bad good that I don’t have to choose. I could totally do a stint in Hell if these two were there with me as my sex slaves…or, more likely,vise versa.

        Art by RandomBoobGuy (aka RBG) ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr
        Kayden (green eyes) and Harper (red eyes) belong to Ninja Oi ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

        Two sexy shemale devils shows off their big round asses - Transgender Hentai at

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

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