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May fingering Flannery’s ass by HighVoltage

Futanari Obsession

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To me, this image is about adoration and intimacy. The idea being that May is so infatuated with how intense and captivated Flannery is in her own pleasure; Like a slave to every touch. May, seeing from her expression is that of being captivated by the perpetual rising intensity in the body before her while she gently and carefully explores and teases her.

I see it in ways such as her leaving the cock alone as if to watch it twitch and pulse needfully, hungrily begging for any kind of touch to it’s sensitive form, running her tongue across that big and firm testicle that’s being left alone right now because she can feel it clenching and getting ready to release it’s seed… but nothing is more beautiful than this moment so she can’t ruin it by letting that happen again, her fingers lovingly teasing Flannery’s inside and looking to press and run over her sensitive prostate to add pressure to this teasing and be ready to make the eventual orgasm the best she possibly can…and last but not least, to me is very special that she’s also listening to the exasperated and writhing heart that beats so hard and fast, slowing and calming, then racing and pounding to show May the power and intensity of her life while also letting Flannery express how sensitive and vulnerable she is in ways words cannot describe.

Anyhow, I’m a huge fan of intensity and attention to little details. Ways that intensity and power also show tenderness and vulnerability. How big and heavy cum laden balls can clench and tighten sensitively to a gentle tongue or simple sexual bliss, how a tense and hardened cock can twitch to the feeling of a prostate massage or pulse firmly with the beat of her hammering heart, and the heart itself so powerful and full of life being pushed to writhe and pound at every delicate touch of her soft skin… stuff like that. :>

– LilicaBoy

HighVoltage ~

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