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Poison Futanari Fan Fiction by Hugo

Poison lay on the bright red sheets of the queen sized bed which barely fit inside the bedroom of her metro city apartment. The walls were decorated with posters of 80s rock bands and a record player on a nearby dresser played Alice Cooper’s Poison. Her clothes lay discarded in a heap by the side of a bed. Her toned, athletic body was completely naked save her red high heels which dug into the sheets as she spread her legs wide. Her wet tongue licks her soft lips erotically as she arches her back, pushing out her chest and swaying her perfectly round D-cup breast implants from side to side teasingly.

Her nipples were hard from arousal, as was the throbbing seven inch cock between her legs. Her smooth testicles were tight and tingled with delight as she rubbed her black riding crop against them. Above her pretty cock was a wild patch of soft pink pubic hair that matched the gorgeous locks flowing from her head. Her asshole puckers as she looks up at the naked giant Hugo looming over her, her heart racing with anticipation. The 8ft tall 400 pound grappler’s body rippled with bulging muscles, including a foot long cock which he stroked as he looked down at the lovely shemale.

“Come and get me tiger…” Poison coos as she rubs the riding crop in slow circles around her asshole. She then tosses it aside as Hugo leans in towards her. Hugo reaches down and, with his right hand, graps her breast and squeezes roughly. Poison responds with a muffled moan of pleasure as he presses his lips to hers. The two suck slowly and passionately on each other’s lips and Hugo pushes his thick cock up against Poison’s smaller dick.

The two gyrate their hips as the hard muscles grind up and down against each other. Their testicles roll over each other as well, sending tingles down their spines. Poison’s toes clench and unclench as she throws her arms over Hugo’s shoulders and pulls him up against her. Her soft breasts press up against his muscular pectorals and they could feel each other’s hearbeat. Poison digs in her nails and begins scratching Hugo’s back in slow, wide circles as Hugo’s hands slide down her back to take a firm grasp of her round, shapely ass.
The two continue to rub their cocks as their faces flush with lust and their tongues roll over each other lovingly. “Poison…” Hugo grunts as they part for breath, enthralled by his lover’s beauty. Poison then replies with a naughty gleam in her eyes “Don’t you think it’s time we get lubed up?” With that, Hugo climbs up onto the bed as they enter a 69 position. Hugo immediately buries his face in Poison’s hairy bush, twisting the pink curls around his tongue.

He then cups her warm cock and balls in his hand as he gently moves them aside. Kissing along the insides of her thigh, he works his way to her asshole. His tongue then runs along the rim of her hole, loosening her up until he could snake his way inside. Poison’s cute, clean little anus sucks against his thick tongue as it slides in and out of her. “Mhmmm! Fuck yes! Poison cries out in delight as she slaps his thick cock against her cheeks.

She then presses her lips against the head of his cock and slides it into her mouth along her tongue. Slowly, and with practiced skill, she inches it towards the back of her throat. Her cheeks suck hard against the side of his girth as his balls slap against her chin. Poison’s head then begins bobbing slowly up and down rhythmically as he fucks her throat. One would think his great size would cause her to gag, but this was hardly the first time the two had shared such passions.

With his free hand, Hugo gives Poison’s ass a few rough smacks and with the other he squeezes her balls and strokes her shaft. Poison eventually allows Hugo’s now wet cock to slide from her mouth and coils her tongue against its underside. Lathering him up, her mouth slides down to his balls, which she takes into her mouth. Poison sucks hard against his cum engorged balls as they bulge against her cheeks. Hugo’s hand then slides up from her ass to her pubes, which he runs his fingers through and tugs playfully.

His tongue parting from her ass, Hugo gives it a parting kiss as he groans “Come on Poison, climb on before I explode.” At this, Poison pops his balls from her mouth and looks back over her shoulder at him with a wink as she replies “No cumming until I do, got it?” Hugo then rolls off of Poison and onto his back as she stands up and stretches, gripping her cock in one hand and her breast in the other. Poison then walks over and squats over him as he reaches up and grabs her by the waist. As he lowers her down her hand leaves her breast to guide his cock into her asshole.
As the thick tip presses against her, Poison’s eyes widen and her hole body shudders as waves of pleasure course through her. Her asshole then caves in as his cock plunges deep into her, slamming hard against her prostate. Poison’s anal passages suck tightly against him as his girth stretches her out. Her balls stick against his now wet sack as she leans back against him. Her soft, luscious hair felt amazing against his chest and stomach as he wrapped his arms around her.

With one hand, Hugo fondles her breast as he reaches down to stroke her cock with the other in synch with his thrusts. Poison leans her head back as he leans down to violently make out with her. The thrusts then begin to build in intensity as their balls audibly slap against each other. Her supple ass ripples as his thighs slap against it, his scratchy black pubes tickling her. As their lips part for breath, Poison half-gasps, half-screams in ecstasy.

Her breasts bounce in a blur of motion as he reaches down to beat off her cock with both hands. His thrusts had soon reached a jackhammer pace. Poison closes her eyes and yells“AAH AAAAHH FUCK YESSS! FUCK MY ASS BABY! FUCK MY HOT TRANNY ASS!” “ At this, Hugo grunts “Ugh!!…ugh!! Your ass is MINE!”

It wasn’t long before hot, sticky pre-cum began to ooze from Poison’s cock, lubing up her shaft and allowing Hugo to stroke her all the faster. Finally, she couldn’t control herself and shot a huge load against his palms. “HAH!” Hugo laughed “Looks like I made you cum first!” “Ah…Ahh…”Poison pants “Shut up and shoot your load in my face!” With that, she pulls herself, trembling, off Hugo’s cock, her asshole gaped wide.

Licking her cum from his palms, Hugo pushes his cock between Poison’s tits. Poison pushes them hard against the sides of his dick as he roughly works his way to climax. With a mighty bellow, Hugo releases a torrent of cum, splattering against Poison’s tongue as she opens her mouth to catch it. A few more jets of the steaming liquid then splash against her chin, dripping down onto her breasts. Falling onto her back, Poison laps up his cum from her face, wiping her tits with her fingers and then sucking them clean and swallowing.

Their chests rising and falling fast as their hearts race, Hugo pulls Poison close up alongside him and begins rubbing her ass. She rests her cheek against his chest, drawing circles with her index finger against his abs. The two soon drift off to sleep, their lust quenched, at least for a few hours. Hugo didn’t mind that his girlfriend had a cock, not when she knew how to please his so well. To him, Poison was truly the best of both worlds.

– Hugo

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