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Futanari succubus jerking off while taking a bubble bath

Futanari succubus jerking off while taking a bubble bath

Bubble Bath by InnocentSuccubus

Jerking off in the bath can be fun, especially if you’re a futa! Im not particularly partial to bubble baths myself but my girlfriend seems to like them, and you can see where a futa might find it enticing. To me thats the best thing about futas, the cock may be what sets them apart and draws us to them, but the fact that they’re still seductive and sexy chicks makes it all the sweeter.

InnocentSuccubus brings us this pic of, you guessed it, a succubus. Succubi are demon women who seduce men with dark fantasies and entice them to their doom. Seems only fitting to me that they would be sexy futas. And this succubus dickgirl makes me really twitch. The size of the big cock between her legs, lathered in soap and water, is just so hot. The expression of ecstasy on her face is just perfect. This is a bubble bath I wouldnt mind taking part of.

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