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In The Barn At Dusk (A Futanari Short Story)

I stretched out in the waning sunlight of a hot summer day, feeling the hay I was laying on scratch the bare skin of my lower back and legs as the last bit of sun peeked in through the hayloft window. I closed my eyes and my vision went soft pink as the light shone through my eyelids, and I enjoyed the warmth of it on my skin. I stayed like that for awhile, until the pink faded to deep black and the air in the barn cooled with the fall of night.

When I finally opened my eyes, Cassie was there in front of me, wearing a coy grin and a simple blue and white checked dress.

Cassie has been my best friend for a long time, and I knew full well that she hated the dress. She was a farm girl, through and through, and although the dress had a rustic look that fit her well, her prefered attire would have included overalls, flannel, and thick heavy boots, all coated in a generous amount of animal droppings and mud, evidence of a hard days work. In fact, she only owned the dress because I gave it to her, and she only agreed to wear it because it was coming off soon anyway.

Cass and I had always been close, best friends since kindergarten, but recently our lives have gotten more complicated. We fight side by side against a secret alien invasion for one. We also have super powers.

I’ll back things up a little for you. My name’s Rachel. No last name, at least as far as you’re concerned. We have to be careful nowadays, my friends and me. Because the aliens we’re fighting aren’t little green men from Mars. Think more “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. They call themselves Yeerks, and they already had a good foothold on earth by the time we joined the fight. You’ve met them yourself, you just didn’t know it. They are everywhere, and they can be anyone. So me and Cassie, my cousin Jake and his friend Marco, we all try to keep a low profile. Hell, Ax and Tobias, our last two teammates, live out in the woods… But they’re both special cases.

It’s a scary world, but the six of us are far from helpless. An ally against the Yeerks, another alien named Elfangor, had given us the power to fight back. We are all able to absorb the dna of animals and change into them at will, with a few limitations. It’s almost poetic, if you’re into all that, mother nature striking back against a foreign invader. I’m pretty sure that’s how Cassie sees it, but I’m a little different. The powers work, and we use them. The only question I need answered is where my next target is.

But tonight was different. Cassie and I were spending some quality girl time together. Back in the old days that had meant braiding hair and late night gossip, followed by maybe a little innocent fooling around. Now though, we looked death in the face everyday, and blowing off steam takes more effort. Sometimes we’ll go for a fly (one of the best perks of morphing) or down to the beach for a swim with the dolphins. Sometimes we just get kinky.

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