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Futanari Lei Lei jerking herself off with her feet

Darkstalkers futanari hentai

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Hey guys, sorry for slacking off on the updates the past couple of days. I don’t know if you remember but my laptop died a little over a month ago and I have been using my girlfriend’s old one while I’ve been putting money aside for a new one. It was really awesome that she had her old laptop still around but man, this thing is crazy slow. Ugh! Well today was the big day and I finally broke down and bought a new Sony Vaio. Yay……..oh wait, now I have to buy Photoshop…… yay? Btw How do people afford Adobe products? Thank god that my girlfriend goes to UCLA and I can use her student discount but damn, Photoshop still isn’t cheap At least now I can get legit updates for the software lol. So anyways here’s a hot pic of Lei Lei from Darkstalkers jerking herself off for you guys to look at whilst I set up my new work flow. Hopefully after tomorrow I’ll be posting from the new laptop and I’ll make it up to you guys with a really good post 🙂

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