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Futanari Mai and Chun-Li cumming by Mizuburasi

Futanari Mai and Chun-Li cumming by Mizuburasi

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Aside from the obvious this pic caught my eye because those codpieces kinda remind me of the one Phantom Futa wears (minus the anal plug part). This gives me an idea for a future commission – A Phantom Futa codpiece technical study. Sort of a way to show how the whole thing works.  That would be kinda cool right? I’ll have to look into that but until then I am definitely gonna be jerking off to this amazing piece by Mizuburasi.

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    Hsien-Ko fucking her ass with a dildo – Darkstalkers Hentai

    Darkstalkers Futanari Hentai

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    Holy shit, where did this piece come from?! Errrr well I know where it came from (Gelbooru) but I mean, wow I never expected to see Hsien-Ko (from Darkstalkers) look this awesome! Her ass is absolutely amazing and that cock is damn near perfect. If only it was my cock deep in her butt and not a big sloppy dildo. That would be a dream come true!

    The only other time we posted something by Mizuburasi on Futanari Obsession was the Rainbow Mika futanari piece a month ago. It’s hard to keep up with Japanese artists so I don’t know if he is new or not but I hope to god he keeps producing renderings of this caliber. I like how Mizuburasi covered up a bit of her cock with the scroll – presumably to get around censorship laws in Japan – it’s a nice touch and completely fits with the character.

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      Rainbow Mika jerking off in the ring by Mizuburasi

      Futanari Street Fighter hentai

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      Rainbow! With a cock! And shes cumming! Street Fighter fans rejoice. Found this pic on Gelbooru by a little artist known as Mizuburasi and I have to say I like his vision!

      So we have a hot pic of Rainbow Mika in the wrestling ring letting it all hang out. Its interesting, shes hanging upside down showing off her cock in a really fascinating way. I love the way shes grabbing her balls as if milking her cock for cum. Anyone notice the smack mark on her ass? Nothing better than a nude Futa babe all hot and abused. I think I might have to take a break from searching for details for a minute to go jack off again!

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