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Muscular Meryl getting her dick sucked by Dmitrys

Muscular Meryl getting her dick sucked while working out by Dmitrys

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I don’t know if you guys saw this latest pic of Dmitrys’ original character Meryl on his website but it definitely sparked some debate. In an effort to make her a little more unique Dmitrys decided to buff her up a bit so here she is working out whilst getting her beautiful cock sucked off (side note – you need to see the level of detail that he put into the saliva on her dick, it’s amazing).

Some people weren’t too thrilled with the amount of muscle mass Meryl has put on but other people seem to love it. Me personally, I thought her body was perfect before (see it here) but that’s not to say I can’t or haven’t rubbed one out to this piece. While I am not a huge fan of very muscular woman I still think Meryl is hot as hell thanks to Dmitrys’ amazing level of quality and talent.

I find it interesting though that the change to her character caused so much debate. It’s funny but sometimes I don’t think artists realize that fans form an attachment to their characters and thus need to become responsible custodians of these characters. Buuuut on the other hand Dmitrys created Meryl and can technically do what ever he wants with her. All of these things aren’t unique to hentai artists, George Lucas has been getting backlash for years from his fans for the changes he makes but without him there would never be a Star Wars to begin with.

What do you guys think? Do you like the new Meryl or her older version? Is Dmitrys allowed to mess with characters that fans love or is he responsible for keeping them the same forever? Leave a comment below and feel free to debate the shit out of this!

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    Super strong Poison chained up by Mikoyan

    Super strong Poison chained up by Mikoyan

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    Ummmmm hmmmmmm…. yea, I’m not sure how I feel about this pic. On one hand you know how much I love Poison and Mikoyan’s awesome artwork, hell I even like slightly muscular women, but on the other hand this piece might be a bit too much. She has a little too much bulk and that cock looks absolutely dangerous! I honestly can’t even imagine the damage that monster would do to someone’s rectum (Wrecked ‘em? Damn near killed ‘em! lol I love that joke).

    So you might be wondering then why I’m posting this pic of Poison at all? The answer is simple, for the fans of strong futas. I know not all of you will like this illustration but I also know that some of you will and this is for the latter group. Enjoy!

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