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Futanari Rogue fucking futanari Mystique by Cutepet

Futanari Rogue fucking futanari Mystique by Cutepet

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This picture is seriously a dream come true. I’ve been a Marvel guy since I was about 5 and pretty much grew up reading nothing but The Punisher and Uncanny X-Men (hey remember the villains the Reavers from the early 80’s? They were my favorite. Old school reference, yea baby!). In fact the very first piece of hentai I ever owned was a pinup of Rogue flashing her tits by some unknown artist at a comic convention in Silver Spring, Maryland – I bought this 10 minutes prior to purchasing Sapphire #1 by Barry Blair for Aircel Comics (another old school reference!!). That information combined with how much you know I love Mystique (especially of you read my mainstream cartoon blog illustrates why this is rendering by Cutepet is a dream come true. Ok, I might be rambling a little bit today due to the jet lag…

On to the picture! Christ, where do I start? There’s just too much win here. Well I know a lot of you prefer actual futas to the shemale variety with balls so this one’s for you. I love the submissive look on Mystique’s face while Rogue holds her leg up and thrusts. Cutepet’s style is tight, clean, and absolutely erotic but the icing on the cake has to be the facial Mystique is giving herself. My only question is (besides the logistics of Rogue’s skin touching Mystique) is, can I be the one to clean up the semen on the Danger Room floor? 🙂

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