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Natalie Portman vs Emma Watson by Kinky Jimmy

Futanari Obsession

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That’s what went through my mind when I saw this pic for the first time. Then I whipped out my dick and started jerking off. I mean really, how can you not rub one out to this? It’s so…messy. You can almost hear the sound of their balls slapping together and the cum hitting the floor. I just wish I was laying down underneath them right now. Oh the sights I would see.

See, this is why I love Kinky Jimmy. When he’s good he’s great. How else are you going to see Natalie Portman and Emma Watson fuck each other with big cocks (or Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus scissoring)? Only in your imagination and/or with a little help from Kinky Jimmy. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go use said imagination and pretend I’m in the pic fucking Natalie Portman from behind as she goes balls deep in Emma Watson.

Kinky Jimmy ~ Hentai Foundry ~

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