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Hot Dogs and Buns by Vitalis

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

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Remember those sexy shemale hot dog vendors Heidi and Stacy (HERE and HERE) by Vitalis? Well, they’re back and giving the business to Opala and Osira once more.

I’ve been falling in love with Vitalis all over again lately. There’s just something about his style that I really love. Even though he draws futa and shemale dicks bigger than I usually like, for some reason it just works for me here. I think it’s because the dick just goes really well with his body types, more specifically Heidi and Stacy’s thick thighs and muscles.

Mmmmmmmm I do love a strong woman. But not too strong – Another thing Vitalis is great at is hitting that sweet spot between sexy and masculine. I have a thing for fitness models but I don’t like them too bulky, you know? I like them like this. It’s like Vitalis has a direct link to my boner and he’s pushing all the right buttons.

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