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“One in the Eye” by PiP

"One in the Eye" by PiP

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Whoops, it looks like she kinda missed the mark there didn’t she? It’s ok, even sexy shemales have a hard time aiming their beautiful jizz cannons. I sometimes have a hard time too! Ummmm OK, that didn’t come out the way I thought it would. Moving on…………………… Actually I really have nothing else to say. I’m kinda beat from all the food yesterday and then the madness at Best Buy last night. Yes, I was one of the many idiots braving the crowds and looking for “deals” (damn Uncharted 3 was sold out so all I got was X-Men First Class for $9.99 which in retrospect doesn’t seem worth waiting in line an hour for). I’m rambling…Ok I’m gonna go take a little nap now. Have fun with this great piece by PiP!

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    Pip’s “Camwhore Pepper” and “Cabin Service”

    Shemale camwhore Pepper by Pip

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    Here’s a couple of pieces commissioned from Phil “Pip/Junqspace/Yuna” Laskey. I’ve been a fan of his work for a long time and recently I got the opportunity to get some work done by him.

    The first pic is of his character Pepper, flaunting her assets on camera to a bunch of fervent viewers.

    In the second pic, an ex-model trophy wife (bored, oversexed, underfucked) opted in on the “Premium Package (Including Special Massage)” while flying JunqAir.

    There’s more to come after these and I’d be happy to share if there’s interest. 🙂


    – Tranthusiast

    I really like Pip’s combination of anime/cartoony faces and realistic bodies. Not too many artist’s can walk that line but he does it with ease. Out of the two pics I would have to say my favorite one is “Camwhore Pepper”, her body is amazing and her cock looks absolutely perfect. Thanks to Tranthusiast for having these commissioned and letting all of us enjoy them too!

    Shemale stewardess fucking a woman by Pip

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