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Poison & Roxy Doujinshi Cover by Chinbotsu

Rule 34 Poison Dickgirl Hentai at

I’ll show you translated version of that comic on my Patreon, after I finished it. Please support me to keep drawing!

– Chinbotsu

Oh wow. This looks absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to see the final version on Chinbotsu’s Patreon page

Art by Chinbotsu ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Patreon

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    Poison getting double teamed by two guys

    Street Fighter Futa and Dickgirl Hentai at

    Oh wow, this is fucking great! Where has Blackless been all my life? It’s like he reached into my brain and pulled out the hottest position I could think of to put Poison in and drew it. That dude is a hentai wizard. You all should definitely be following him on Hentai Foundry. I know I am…now

    Art by Blackless ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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      Lynn Sillmane cosplaying as Poison – Art by DSanchez

      Shemale and Transgender Hentai at

      Art by DSanchez ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Website
      Lynn Sillmane belongs to Nitoshadowblade ~ Hentai Foundry

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        Poison gangbanged by four fat guys – Art by Yaichiro

        Shemale and Transgender Hentai at

        Damn, I wish I were one of those four guys. Granted I don’t really want to be fat, but I do want to bust a nut in Poison’s ass or mouth. That supersedes any desire to be healthy. Isn’t that usually the case when it involves the penis? lol

        I wasn’t really planning it but it looks like we have another small-dicked futa pic today. I wonder if I should make a tag for that? Is it a fetish? I know a lot of you like your dickgirls with huge members, but what about small ones? Is that desirable too? Leave a message below and let me know what your thoughts are on the whole thing.

        Art by Yaichiro ~ Hentai Foundry

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          Ken fucking Poison in the ass while she cums

          Street Fighter Dickgirl Hentai at

          I was thinking about starting this post with “Finish Her!” but a) that’s for Mortal Kombat and b) well, he already did lol. I just hope everyone in their cars enjoyed the show tonight. As someone who saw their first pair of movie boobs at a drive-in in the early 80s, I can say it was quite memorable and molded my taste in women for years to come. I can only imagine what would happen if I saw something like this as an impressionable youth. I think it’s safe to say that my futanari obsession would have started much sooner!

          Art by Hopeless Bohemian ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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            Poison getting fucked in the ass – Art by Tinnies

            Video Game Dickgirl Hentai at

            Here’s Poison wearing her ‘Summer Vacation’ outfit from Ultra Street Fighter 4 (and, you know, getting fucked in the butt). I had to look up her alternate costumess before writing this post because I’ve never played USF4. Hell, I’ve never even played any of the Street Fighter 4 spin-offs- I’ve always been a Mortal Kombat guy- but I would like to play Ultra, if only for Poison.

            At this point I think I should just wait for Street Fighter 5 and cross my fingers that she’s in it. Does anyone know if that’s the case or not? I haven’t been keeping up with news on 5.

            Art by Tinnies ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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