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Busty futanari elf by Poko Chin

Busty futanari elf by Poko Chin

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Elves are sexy. When it comes to fantasy I usually prefer Dwarves over Elves, but when it comes to sex its all about Elves. Especially Futanari Elves! Found this picture on Gelbooru by artist Poko Chin. There is some possibility that the futa aspects were photo shopped, but it doesent make her cock any less attractive!

So where do I begin? I love her tiny bikini. The way it barely contains her large tits and massive cock makes me almost hungry in a way. Her black stockings are a nice addition too, making her out to be a bit more of a slut than her innocent face portrays. Man if Elves are this hot and hung, games of DND will take on a whole new meaning! Even if this pic was shopped, im dying for more Futanari Elf porn.

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