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Two tattoo futanari babes having fun

Futanari hentai by Rick Fields

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Whooooooaaa where did Rick Fields come from? I can’t believe I never noticed his art before because its absolutely amazing! He’s got that ├╝ber cartoony style that I fucking love. Rick Fields’ kinda reminds me of John Kricfalusi (aka John K aka the guy who created Ren & Stimpy) when he’s not drawing a chihuahua and a cat. I can also see some Ralph Bakshi influence in there too. Oh man that’s an awesome combination but I think you get the idea and since I obviously love John K and Ralph Bakshi you can probably see why I like Rick Fields. Oddly enough this is his first futa illustration and all I have to say is I hope we see more in the future. Click on the link below to check out his non-futa hentai.

Click here to see more hentai by Rick Fields

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