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The Phantom Futa in “Book 1: A Journey of Self Discovery”

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

There are two elephants in the room that need to be addressed before my introduction can begin:

1. The Phantom Futa, as you imagine her, doesn’t appear in this tale at all.

2. There won’t be sex scenes in every chapter.

Now that those are out of the way—Damn, you’ve given up on me already, haven’t you? Well, for those of you who are still here, welcome to Act I of my little trilogy dedicated to our favorite perversion! It’s hard for me to believe that I was only two weeks in to knowing about Futanari Obsession’s existence when I decided to embark on this grand endeavor. The most unfortunate set up of the website had me looking at everything in reverse so I was slowly watching the Phantom submerge from a fully developed character to a random pin-up girl. When I got to her official biography I was very intrigued by the character and knew that this was one that deserved to be fleshed out.

Because I had looked at every single last post on the website before starting, I was aware that Futa Fan and Rexxon were working with someone to create a four page comic and I certainly didn’t want to step on its toes (though given the shafting they took, I see better now more than ever I had nothing to worry about), but I knew that I wanted to contribute to this site by showing, not where she currently is, but instead how she got here. I wanted to tell her origin story the only way I’m able to: through the written word.

When I originally approached Futa Fan with this idea, he was very excited about it and I can only hope that this series of books will live up to his (and your!) expectations. My contact with him was short lived, however, as he quickly passed me on to Rexxon, whom I’ve been dealing with very heavily on this project. I gave the source material great respect and in return he gave me unfathomable leeway to tell this story however I wanted with very few objections.

My take on this wonderful character was to ground her in reality (as is the common method of our day), but not in the gritty sense, seeing as she’s the Phantom Futa and not Batman, no matter how much mainstream Hollywood would like all superheroes to be like him! There are some dark aspects, but they’re treated well and don’t encompass the overall story. If I’ve done my job right, this is a superhero that not only is identifiable but inspirational as well, for it’s her footsteps you will be walking in.

Realism is a very heavy element of this story and I’ve done my best to make everything as real and as accurate as possible, though I must admit that there are some things I don’t know if I got completely right or not, so I must therefore rely on your feedback to help me sleep a little better at night! There are four main areas I’m looking to expand upon: language, college, sex, and girls.

When I have characters speak in a foreign language, I was forced to use an online translator as I don’t know anyone who speaks the language, so if any of you speak the language used and see that I’ve completely raped it from both ends and threw it into a meat grinder, please contact me and give me the more accurate phrasing. This is especially true for Cockney as I don’t speak that at all!

As far as college is concerned, I’ve never been to one so I have no idea what the day-to-day routine of a student looks like, so I’m looking for new information on that as well as any corrections to what I have down already. If you’re interested on filling me in, please contact me.

As far as the sex is concerned, I didn’t throw in sex scenes for the sake of having them—each one is either organic or drives the plot somehow, and hopefully I’ve conveyed them accurately (Feedback, ladies!). Also, all sex scenes have been labeled for quick access for your convenience!

And as far as girls are concerned, I especially want feedback from you ladies out there on how well I’ve expressed all of the women in this novel. I did my best to treat them as personalities first and women second, but if you see something inaccurate within the context of this work, please for the love of God let me know! Even though I have both a mother and a sister, I am still a man and therefore will never completely understand the womanly aspect of things. I did my best to stay away from all of the stupid tropes that befall women in all of our current media—Jennifer is damaged, but not helpless (Hell no is she not helpless!). She’s intelligent but not nerdy/geeky/insert-whatever-here. She’s emotional but not ruled by her emotions. She’s no saint—a bit prone to lying—but she no devil, either; she just is. And the rest of the women I hope are just as well off, especially since none of them trip or stumble around!

I began typing this novel on May 21, 2013 and I can’t believe I’ve had it done in under four months! Especially given what all I’ve somehow managed to pack into this narrative! Over the course of the next three acts, I hope to do more than just turn you on and get you off: I hope to challenge your intellect by questioning the world we live in and most of all, send you on a wild ride that harmonizes reality with the fantastic. If I can successfully do this for you, I can die very happily. There is plenty of hidden content within this book—some more overt than others—which lends this story to be read more than once. I hope you have as much fun discovering them as I did putting them in! If you think you’ve found some well-hidden content that’s been buried within these pages, contact me and I’ll let you know if you’re on the right track or not!

But enough of my rambling; you’ve downloaded this file to see the Phantom at work—get started already!

– Robert Underwood

Click here to download the full 193 page story (Word doc)

Art by StickyMon ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Blogspot
Story by Robert Underwood

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