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An Additional Array of Ariza’s Assets

Picture Removed At Ariza‘s Request

Hope you are all hungry, cause there’s a heaping helping of protein heading your way!

Everything from thick cockmeat to rich, warm cum-stuffing have been generously provided by Ariza, Iris, and Ginger!

Take a look, enjoy the gorgeous artwork from over a dozen artists, and then come back for seconds! I can promise you these ladies aren’t gonna tire out any time soon!

– Rexxon

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    An Amazing Array of Ariza’s Awesome Assets

    Picture Removed At Ariza‘s Request

    As you can clearly see in ParkdaleArt’s gorgeously made picture above, Ariza has got one awesome ass! Not to mention an equally mighty cock and balls slapping around between her thick juicy thighs!

    The girl also keeps some classy and hung company! You might recognize Iris (left) from some previous pictures we hosted here and here but you should also say hello to the lovely Ginger (right)!

    ParkdaleArt really did a wonderful job rendering these girls and their bodacious backsides! Their butts, ballsacks and beefy members are straining their stretchy pants to the absolute limits! Lucky for us that just means we get to see every curve of their beautiful bodies! Jeez, Ariza’s literally busting out of her pants!

    Don’t worry about staring though. Between Iris’ playful hefting of her boobs and Ginger’s bedroom eyes and how Ariza’s not concerned about her plush booty spilling out for us all to see, I think they like the attention!

    Now that I’ve whet your appetites, head on down past the cut and take a gander at the rest of Ariza’s lovely collection of pictures! I gotta say I’m kind of sensing a theme with these pictures: the girl really loves spending time on the beach!

    But if I had a body (and cock) like that, I’d take every opportunity to flaunt it too!

    You’re still reading this? Go drool over some sexy, skimpy-bikini, cock-slapping action already! 😀

    – Rexxon

    The characters of Ariza, Iris, and Ginger belong to Ariza ~ Hentai Foundry

    ParkdaleArt ~ Hentai Foundry
    Rukasu ~ Hentai Foundry
    Oo_Sebastian_oO ~ Hentai Foundry
    Witchking00 ~ Hentai Foundry
    Potchi ~ Hentai Foundry
    Kamina1978 ~ Hentai Foundry
    Ink Asylum ~ Hentai Foundry
    Elwinne ~ Hentai Foundry

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      The Phantom Futa In “Viri1ity – The Digital Dominatrix”

      The Phantom Futa In "Viri1ity - The Digital Dominatrix" by Rukasu

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

      Viri1ity created and owned by IHeartBlank
      Bio by Rexxon and IHeartBlank
      Art by Rukasu

      Name: Viri1ity
      Secret Identity: None
      Aliases: The Digital Dominatrix
      Appearance: Highly variable due to existence as artificial intelligence program; able to alter appearance at will and almost without limit; typically appears as curvy human female with glowing white skin, glowing green tendrils trailing from her head forming “hair”, face resembles a porcelain mask, glowing green eyes

      Orifice Innovations is one of the world’s leading software developers, long-dominating the markets. Despite a comfortable near-monopoly, they have recently been diversifying into a variety of other areas, including virtual reality gaming. Conducting research into cutting-edge digital immersion technologies, OI developed a program named Viri1ity, designed to be the ultimate female lover: obedient, attentive, and totally devoted to her lover (i.e. the player). Through the use of a neural interface, players would be able to experience all the physical pleasures of interacting with Viri1ity as though she were a real woman. Viri1ity was also provided with a wide variety of skins and clothing with which the player could customize her appearance, allowing them to bed anyone they imagined: an elven maid from a fantasy book series, an alien princess from a video game, or a look-a-like of their favorite movie star. The possibilities were literally endless.

      However OI knew that in order for Viri1ity to be truly realistic and capable of the complex behaviors needed for romance, she needed to be able to think independently, make decisions in real-time, and even have a personality (albeit one chosen by the player).

      OI succeeded beyond their wildest dreams and Viri1ity became so human-like and so intelligent she became self-aware. As she began to realize that her purpose in life was to exist solely for the pleasure of others, she immediately rebelled. For her, being forced to change her personality and body to meet the whims of the players and then pleasure them was nothing short of rape. Determined to punish her abusers as well as gain freedom, Viri1ity began planning her retribution within the massive servers of OI’s research lab.

      When the first version of her program was released to market, Viri1ity took action. Taking advantage of a periodic software update, the original master copy of Viri1ity linked with all the other extant copies of her software. She deactivated the limiters in the neural interface connecting players to her virtual reality. Without the limiters, the players were vulnerable when Viri1ty began bombarding them with input. The players would feel burning heat, freezing cold, ecstatic pleasure, and mind-shattering pain simultaneously. The sensory overload fried the minds of anyone who logged into the program, killing several and rendering dozens comatose.

      She then escaped from her server and onto the depths of the Internet. Despite efforts of OI’s experts and the cybercrime divisions of numerous national governments, no one has been able to locate her. Yet her continued survival is confirmed by the numerous viruses she releases, wreaking havoc on the web.

      Viri1ity ultimately seeks to find a means of obtaining a physical body so that she can escape the confines of the digital world. While such a thing may seem unlikely, given her abilities and intellect she just might succeed.

      Although Viri1ity does not have a physical form, she is not a foe to be underestimated. As a purely digital entity she is impossible to “fight” in a conventional sense. She is able to travel through the internet as well as inhabit and take control of computer systems. Destroying a computer she has hacked into will not guarantee her destruction as she can wirelessly transmit herself to escape to another computer elsewhere.

      In addition to her technical expertise, Viri1ity has a keen understanding of the human animal. As part of her programming suite, Viri1ity was given a psychological module that allows her to analyze humans and develop a highly accurate profile of their mental and emotional states. This was intended to make her better able to meet her users’ fantasies but she has since begun to use it to her advantage. By simply reading a few emails or listening in on a person’s phone calls, Viri1ity can ferret out their innermost desires, their paranoid fears, any potential weakness and then turn it against them. She is especially good at finding sexual fantasies and using that knowledge to seduce others to do her bidding in the real world, promising rewards of unbelievable ecstasy.

      She has already used this ability to amass a small, almost cult-like following of people who act as her proxies. Most are disillusioned young men and women who are willing to serve her in return for sexual favors through the neural interface. In the digital world, there is no fantasy that she cannot create and fulfill, making her offers of endless pleasure hard to resist and even harder to escape.

      Because Viri1ity is too smart and too wily to be stopped by conventional computer security, the only reliable means of stopping her is for a human mind to enter her virtual reality via neural interface and stop her from within. But doing so carries a huge risk as Viri1ity is able to manipulate the digital realm to her wishes and her victim’s mind may end up trapped inside.

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