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Futanari Shego by Futaushi

Kim Possible Futanari Hentai

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You know what? I absolutely adore Futaushi’s artwork. I really can’t explain it (although I will probably try) but there is just something that really stands out about all her pics that I just, well, adore – I didn’t want to just say “love” because that seems too pedestrian to me so I’ll use (for the third time) adore. Ever since Futaushi made the beautiful Phantom Futa piece for us last year I have been checking her portfolio on a fairly regular basis waiting for another pics and here it is. Be still my heart…I absolutely love it (lol I didn’t want to say adore again)!! Seriously, if you don’t appreciate how gorgeous this is then…well there’s nothing wrong with you, everyone has their own idea of what is beautiful and what isn’t, but I will personally shout from the highest mountain (or my soapbox that is Futanari Obsession) that this piece is absolutely gorgeous and I totally adore Futaushi!!

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