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Futanari superhero gangbang

Futanari Power Girl fucking Supergirl in the mouth Futanari Rogue

CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

Words really can’t express how fucking turned on I am right now. Where to start? I absolutely love (LOVE) Shoogerbare and his awesome cartoony style. I think his coloring and line work are second to none. Every piece has a fluidity to it that has to be seen. Then there is Power Girl – my favorite superhero babe of all time (even more so when she has a giant dick). Add all that together and you get a perfect storm of hotness. I can’t believe I am even able to write a blog post right now.

Just check out the detail on the full sized image (here) and you will will become an instant fan too. I love how Supergirl is struggling not to choke as Power Girl fucks her face with her massive cock. Lets not forget futa Rogue fucking her normal self in the ass (or is that Mystique as futa Rogue?). Amazing! Ok, I need to wrap this post up and rub one out. Enjoy.

Click here to see more futanari artwork by Shoogerbare

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    Futanari Wonder Woman fucking Power Girl

    Futanari Wonder Woman fucking Power Girl

    Futanari Wonder Woman fucking Power Girl

    This is it, this is the the picture I have waited my whole life to see. Futanari Wonder Woman fucking Power Girl from behind with her huge wonder-cock. These are my two favorite female superheros of all time and to see an awesome rendering like this makes my dick rock hard. If Wonder Woman was a sexy futa like this I would be a super-villain just so she could wrap me up with her lasso in hopes that I could get a glimpse of her giant package while she hauled me off to jail. Man, that would be the life.

    Click here to see the full sized image

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