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Futanari Waitresses at Fuuters by Spiral Brain

Fuuters by Spiral Brain

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I can just imagine the scene, you walk into a bar and find these two beauties waiting for you, eager to be of service. I mean being greeted by two sexy bust women eager to help you relax would be great and it is made even better by those big fat cocks sticking up out the front of their shorts.

The dilemma you’d face in such a situation would be terrible, where do you start? Do you begin with those big plump tits or do you get straight down to business with their big hard cocks. I think I’d want to see them in a 69 sucking each other until they both climax, spilling cum down each other’s throats. Then I think we’d play with some of the toys their holding, I can think of one or two places to use them. BTW I wonder white the white liquid is in the glass jar on the red head’s tray.

I’ve seen Spiral Brain’s work before, but nothing ever caught my eye until this. I can’t imagine a more perfect example of a futa fan’s wet dream than these two beauties. Everything about them is spot on, from the size of their tits to the girth of their cocks, which are big but not ridiculously so. If I had to choose I think I’d take the red head mainly because I have a thing for pony tails.

– Melcior

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