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Caribbean Cruisin’ by Vitalis and Maxbass

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Stacy is really getting closer and closer to an orgasm and Heidi’s hips have gotten a live of their own as her hips start moving faster and faster. Me, I feel like I am in heaven being sandwiched by two beautiful futas and I really do not care that people can see us fucking; in fact that is more of a turn on than anything else. Glad that my body is able to adapt to the size of my partner I think that as Stacy keeps working her wiener in my throat, she could cum almost directly in my stomach as her dick is about the same size as mine when I am a futanari. Just as I think about it I can hear her scream “Ooooooh god, swallow my cummmmmm I aaaaaammmm cumming soooooo haaaaaard!!!!”. Her schlong explodes inside of me and as she pulls her dick slowly from my throat, I savour the taste of her own condiment when it sprays on my tongue.

“That was so fucking amazing!” Stacy says as she opens up her shirt showing bountiful breasts and drops her skirt. She puts her left hand on the cart and uses her right hand to spread her asshole open and tells me to put my own throbbing cock inside it. In the back of my mind I know what will happen and that it probably is not a good idea right now but the signals from glands in my neck are too strong to resist as I give into my desire. Carefully I move with Heidi’s dick still in my ass and put my hands on Stacy’s hips. My dick is already twitching since it is being stimulated by Heidi’s wiener up my ass and the taste of Stacy’s semen in my mouth. Pre-cum is flowing from my dick, coating it in a wet layer and getting it in Stacy’s butt hole is pretty easy as I can hear a small gasp escaping her throat when I enter her.

Now it is my turn to thrust and this way I am able to stimulate both Heidi’s meat shaft and Stacy’s love hole. Generally I would choose to be gentle with my partners but this situation is so hot that my lust rage or fever is taking over my mind as I drown myself deeper and deeper in lust. “It seems that you’ve changed a bit and became a lover who likes giving it hard which is just the way we like it” Heidi whispers in my ear while her gasps and moans become steadily haphazard. Stacy groans that her ass hole feels so good and she wants to taste more of my dick. This sends me over the edge and as I am about to shoot my load, A familiar jolt is going through my body signaling in my transformation from Marcel to Marcella.

The transformation surprises both ladies quite a bit but that does not stop Heidi from shooting her load up my ass and I am filling Stacy’s ass with my enlarged member. Clearly their faces tell all tales when I shrug with cum still dripping from my ass and I all I could say is: “Surprise?”. They look at each other, nod and luckily their hard dicks show me what they have on their minds. “Well, that is quite the surprise but I think we can give you some extra service” Heidi says with a naughty smile on her face.

Click here to read Caribbean Cruisin’ by Maxbass at Hentai Foundry

Art by Vitalis ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Blogspot ~ Tumblr
Story by Maxbass ~ Hentai Foundry ~ FurAffinity

Marcella Highthorn belongs to Maxbass
Heidi and Stacy belong to Vitalis

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    Hot Dogs and Buns by Vitalis

    Shemale and Futanari Hentai

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

    Remember those sexy shemale hot dog vendors Heidi and Stacy (HERE and HERE) by Vitalis? Well, they’re back and giving the business to Opala and Osira once more.

    I’ve been falling in love with Vitalis all over again lately. There’s just something about his style that I really love. Even though he draws futa and shemale dicks bigger than I usually like, for some reason it just works for me here. I think it’s because the dick just goes really well with his body types, more specifically Heidi and Stacy’s thick thighs and muscles.

    Mmmmmmmm I do love a strong woman. But not too strong – Another thing Vitalis is great at is hitting that sweet spot between sexy and masculine. I have a thing for fitness models but I don’t like them too bulky, you know? I like them like this. It’s like Vitalis has a direct link to my boner and he’s pushing all the right buttons.

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