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Futanari Clit-Cock Sculpture by Super Shooter

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

My story…

Wow, this is harder than it looks, and I am talking about my cock, no wait, my art…no, actually this damn short story. For some reason I am having writers block and am painfully noticing that I am VERY out of practice with this creative writing thing. So where to begin?

Hi. I’m Super Shooter and you can probably guess how I got that name! I have become a recent fan of the futanari art form, and more specifically I am obsessed with dickgirls, especially the ones with what I call Clit-Cocks because of my love affair with huge clits. I prefer to have sex and sexual fantasies with and about women, and seeing balls just makes it too gay male for my tastes. I have become big fan of this site after stumbling across it in my search for very huge clits and dickgirl art works. I happen to have a huge clit fetish because in the last few years I have become intrigued with the uncanny similarities between clits and cocks. After much study, research and viewing it is obvious to me and the ancient Greeks that men and women are made of essentially all the same parts in just what really amounts to a few differences mainly in the placement and configuration of organs, flesh and skin. Moreover I often wondered what it would feel like for a woman to have a very large clit that could be sucked and stroked off, very much like my cock, and the thoughts and feelings built into having such large, hard, throbbing, and intense feeling member. Being a lover of pussy, clits, and my cock, I really want to meet and be with a woman that could enjoy the feeling of ultimate total bliss and joy of both worlds all at once.

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