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The Phantom Futa vs Billy by BOLD la GOLD

Superhero Dickgirl Hentai at

First of all, I wanted to say thank you to BOLD la GOLD for creating these awesome images of The Phantom Futa for us to enjoy. I really appreciate it and I hope you all do too. Make sure you swing by his Hentai Foundry pages and show your support.

BOLD la GOLD holds the distinction of being one of only three CGI hentai artists that I love (the other two are Supro and Jbtrimar1) so seeing his take on The Phantom Futa makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. Oddly enough, my favorite pic below isn’t the one of her and Billy having sex on the stage, but it’s the one that shows the a breakdown of her costume’s tech. I don’t know why. I’ve just always really liked character cards, you know? Like the ones you used to find on the back of G.I.Joe toys.

Of course the sex scene is pretty amazing too. Don’t get me wrong lol. Thanks to BOLD la GOLD for letting The Phantom Futa use Billy anyway she wanted. Trust me though, I don’t think Billy is complaining one bit!

Just a friendly reminder: If you are viewing this on the front page of Futanari Obsession then make sure you click on the link below to see the rest of the pics in this series (5 total). I wouldn’t want you to miss you on and of the fun!!

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    New 52 Supergirl fucking shemale Supergirl in the ass

    Shemale Comic Book Hentai at

    Another wonderful piece of selfcest hentai (my new favorite thing) by Anasheya. I love the fact that she gave them both slightly different sized penises. Shit, I just love the way Anasheya draws tgirl dicks in general- Always the right size and sexy as hell.

    The only thing is, I just wish it were me sitting on Supergirl’s cock instead of, err, Supergirl lol. Or, better yet, I wish t-shirt SGirl were holding me the same way as New 52 is holding her and all three of us were coming at the same time. A totally plausible scenario given the two characters!

    Art by Anasheya ~ Hentai Foundry

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      Batgirl giving Oracle a blowjob – Art by Anasheya

      Shemale and Dickgirl Comic Book Hentai at

      I think I can safely say that I never, in all my years of looking at porn online, thought I would see something like this. I mean, yea, Rule 34 and all that, but come on. Did you ever think you would see shemale Batgirl giving Oracle (herself, basically) a blow job? I didn’t think so. All I gotta say is, god bless the internet and god bless Anasheya. I’d hate to live in a world without either!

      Art by Anasheya ~ Hentai Foundry

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        Pure Willpower by Lime Breaker

        Green Lantern Shemale and Dickgirl Hentai at


        A quick commission of Lumi (who is not normally futa) from The Magical Green Lantern Quest on /tg/.

        This was fun to draw, and the reactions from people were even more fun.

        God I love 4chan.

        – Lime Breaker

        Art by Lime Breaker ~ Hentai Foundry

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          The Phantom Futa Tribute Series by Apocalypse3DX

          Shemale Super Hero Hentai at

          Thanks to Apocalypse3DX for making these two awesome Phantom Futa tribute pieces for us to enjoy. I imagine it gets pretty boring patrolling the city at night. What happens when there are no criminals to fight? The Phantom Futa has to occupier her in time other ways. After all, there’s nothing worse than being bored and horny at the same time. It leads to all sorts of perverted outcomes. This website being one of them lol 😉

          Art by Apocalypse3DX ~ DeviantArt ~ Blogspot

          Shemale Super Hero Hentai at

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            Shemale Honey Lemon sitting on a huge cock – Art by Doxy

            Big Hero 6 Dickgirl Hentai at

            I finally saw Big Hero 6 for the first time the other day. Wow, that was fun! I loved everything about it, especially GoGo and Honey Lemon. Those two were hot as hell! I really regret not seeing it in the theater. I bet the CGI looked awesome in 3D! I’ll definitely make sure to see the sequel in IMAX whenever it eventually comes out.

            Art by Doxy ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Website ~ Patreon

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