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The Phantom Futa vs Hidey Hole by InCase

The Phantom Futa vs Hidey Hole by InCase

Name: Hidey Hole
Secret Identity: Heidi Monroe
Aliases: none
Appearance: 5’ 0”, compact and athletic form with generously round booty, modestly sized breasts, fair skinned, naturally blonde hair (dyed a flamboyant blue), blue eyes

Born without a penny to her name in New York City, orphan child Heidi Monroe turned to thievery for survival. Learning how to pickpocket a target and then disappear into a crowd without a trace, Heidi was able to scrape together enough money to support herself. The operative word “disappear” was quite literal for Heidi as she possessed the metahuman ability to become completely invisible.

When Heidi was in her early teens and prowling the city for an easy target, she spotted a wealthy looking woman with an expensive jeweled bracelet. She lifted the bracelet and returned to one of her hideouts to inspect her catch. When she paused to admire her prize, her joy quickly turned to dismay as she discovered a tiny tracking device embedded in the bracelet. Before she could dispose of the stolen property, the woman she had taken it from suddenly appeared.

Although initially terrified that she would be sent to prison, Heidi relaxed when the woman explained that she was not with the police. In fact she was herself a thief named Renee Reynard.

Renee was impressed by Heidi’s skill as she genuinely did not notice her bracelet had been stolen at the time. Offering a chance to improve her abilities, Renee invited Heidi to come live with her.

Heidi accepted and under her new teacher’s guidance, quickly developed into a world-class thief of her own. Her natural cleverness and athleticism were augmented by her invisibility powers, enabling her to literally walk past cameras and through motion-sensing lasers.

The master and student became a very effective team, pulling off many amazing crimes across the United States. Although Heidi thought of Renee as a surrogate mother, her feelings blossomed into something more. Unsure of how to express her feelings, Heidi decided to wait for the right moment to present itself.

After a particular difficult but hugely profitable heist in Los Angeles, Renee and Heidi snuck back to a modest apartment they had turned into their safe house. Her older yet still shapely body slicked with sweat, Renee went into the bathroom to shower.

Somehow sensing this was her opportunity, Heidi stripped off the skintight clothes she wore on all her heists. She easily picked the bathroom lock and tiptoed silently across the floor. Her heart hammered in her chest but she pressed on past her own nervousness. The lithe young girl slipped into the shower stall behind Renee, startling the other woman. Before Renee could react, Heidi’s lips were pressed softly against her. The two thieves shared a moment of wonder as a sense of lightness filled their chests. The world shrank until nothing was left but the teacher and her student.
Gradually, the world returned to them and the pair emerged awkwardly from the shower to talk.

Renee was reluctant to proceed with a relationship, feeling that Heidi deserved someone her own age to be happy with. Her student refused, proclaiming that the only one she wanted was the woman who had taken her in, nurtured and taught her and most of all had given her love.

Hearing the heartfelt sincerity in Heidi’s words, the last bits of Renee’s resistance were worn away. Their nude bodies still wet from the shower, the thieves embraced again. This time, their kisses were hard and hungry and their nimble hands explored every curve and line of the other’s body. From that night on the two thieves either spent their nights robbing people blind or locked in bouts of passionate lovemaking, exploring the limits of their flexibility and stamina.

For a few years, Heidi lived happily with Renee until the elder thief was diagnosed with a rare terminal illness. Heidi sold off everything she and Renee owned and made countless more heists singlehandedly to pay for her ailing teacher’s medical treatments. Despite all her efforts, no amount of money was able to cure Renee’s illness and her beloved teacher, mother figure, and lover died.

Penniless once again, Heidi took only her thieving tools and left to find her own fortune out in the world. Over time she came to find a favorite stomping ground in the bustling metropolis of Freedom City where she quickly made a name for herself as the uncatchable thief Hidey Hole.

Hidey Hole’s training honed her natural stealth and grace, turning her from a pickpocket into a world-famous thief. Technically “world-famous” is incorrect as almost no one has heard her name but everyone has heard about her accomplishments.

Hidey always has an eye on the most expensive trinkets around and is always eager for the thrill of the heist. Besides her considerable talents and knowledge of security systems, Hidey’s metahuman powers allow her to produce a light-bending distortion field that makes her invisible.

This invisibility makes it easy for her to sneak past guards and cameras, motion sensing lasers pass right through her and even her body heat is blocked which defeats infrared heat detectors. This ability makes her so elusive, she has taken to wearing brightly colored costumes while performing her robberies in the hopes that it will add an extra layer of challenge.

However, her invisibility field barely extends past her body, sometimes forcing Hidey Hole to be “creative” with carrying her tools and stashing her loot. She uses hollowed-out dildos and places them up her pussy and ass so as to keep them within her invisibility field, only removing them when she needs to access a tool or store her stolen goods.

Her repertoire of skills and powers made her impossible for normal authorities to catch. It was only when the Phantom Futa intervened that her last crime spree was stopped. She managed to track Hidey down to the city’s Diamond District where the thief was attempting to steal a popular jewelry store’s priceless wares.

Sensing the heroine’s approach, Hidey Hole quickly turned invisible. Unfortunately she did not expect the hero to hose the entire vault room with cum, revealing her location. While “subduing” the thief, the Phantom Futa discovered that her invisibility powers required a certain level of concentration to maintain. Otherwise anything inside Hidey Hole might be visible through her invisible body.

Exhausted and nursing a sore ass, Hidey Hole was promptly arrested and later sentenced to imprisonment in Liberty Valley Penitentiary. Nursing a bruised ego, Hidey Hole sits in her cell and fumes at her humiliating capture. Already she begins planning her escape but the prison’s potent anti-metahuman defenses and power suppressors will make escaping a challenge even for her.

- Rexxon

Hidey Hole belongs to IHeartBlank

Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog ~ Tumblr ~ Prism Girls

The Phantom Futa vs Hidey Hole by InCase

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    Phantom Futa Pin-Up by 121gigawatts

    Shemale super hero The Phantom Futa at FutanariObsession.com

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

    That’s quite the cannon The Phantom Futa is packing between her legs. I wouldn’t want to be in front of it when it goes off…or, then again, maybe I would. I bet it would be like getting hit with a fire hydrant, one that shoots milky white cum instead of water though. That would be one hell of an experience lol

    On a side note: You know what the first thing I thought when I saw this piece on Hentai Foundry? I love the way 121gigawatts drew her hair. It’s a like a heavy metal version of The Phantom Futa. That’s pretty fucking cool in my opinion.

    Art by 121gigawatts ~ Hentai Foundry ~ FurAffinity ~ DeviantArt ~ Tumblr ~ Blogspot

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      PREVIEW: The Phantom Futa vs Hidey Hole by InCase

      The Phantom Futa

      Hey gang, here’s a preview of this month’s Patreon funded pic by the one and only InCase. I can’t wait to show you all the uncensored version in a week, it’s amazing! Of course, if you are a Patreon backer of $1 or more you can see it right now. Plus, there’s a pretty sweet cum version too that’s only available for backers of $5 a month or more.

      I hope you all dig it as much as I do! Thanks again to all those of you that donated to Patreon and helped make this happen. You rock!

      Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog ~ Tumblr ~ Prism Girls

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        The Phantom Futa vs Artillery by Barretxiii

        The Phantom Futa at Futanari Obsession

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

        This artwork was funded by Patreon backers

        To view the SD (1000 pixels width) Version Click HERE
        To view the HD (2000 pixels width) Version Click HERE

        Name: Artillery
        Secret Identity: Dara Byrne
        Appearance: 6’ 1”, hardened and muscular build from military service, large breasts, sandy blonde hair and brown eyes

        Dara Byrne was a native of Freedom City’s worst neighborhood, in the rundown slums colloquially known as the Dead End.

        Despite her poor upbringing, her family was a loving one and she herself was a bright girl who exceled in school and had a number of good friends. Her relatively happy live was destroyed when a brutal loan shark came to collect several long-standing debts from her parents. When they could not pay, the loan shark offered to settle their accounts in exchange for giving him Dara’s virginity. When her father and mother protested and defended her, the loan shark and his thugs gunned them both down. The criminals then brutally raped Dara while her parents’ bodies lay broken and bleeding on the floor. By the time the nonexistent police presence responded to the crime, the perpetrators were long gone and young Dara was left alone in the world.

        The loss of her parents and her rape affected her deeply, causing her to become aggressive and lash out towards others. She believed that no one, not her friends, teachers or court-mandated counselors could possibly understand her agony.

        She eventually ended up in military service, desperately seeking direction for her life. Channeling her aggression into her training, she managed to make it into the Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance and was soon deployed into the Middle East to perform covert operations.

        Amongst her brothers in arms, Dara felt that she had finally found a place to belong again only to lose her newfound family during an ambush. Her unit was positioned deep behind enemy lines and her commanding officer refused to send reinforcements to help extract them. Despite a heroic last stand, Dara was the only soldier to emerge from the attack alive.

        Following the loss of her unit, her deep-seated survivor’s guilt resurfaced and drove her further into depression and anger. This culminated in her brutally assaulting and crippling the officer who had abandoned her unit to fend for themselves.

        She barely managed to avoid being sent to prison by volunteering to undergo an experimental procedure intended to enhance a soldier’s combat performance. The experiment initially appeared to be a failure and Dara was dismissed from service. It was a few months later that Dara discovered the procedure had caused her to develop a great deal more muscle mass than an ordinary woman would as well as a thick nine-inch cock and balls that were constantly filled with cum.

        Once again left without direction and purpose, Dara returned to Freedom City and discovered the Phantom Futa. Offended that this would-be hero was letting violent criminals and murderers live, Dara Byrne decided to mete out her own brutal brand of justice.

        Stealing weapons and equipment for her one-woman war, she began hunting down criminals throughout Freedom City. Using her alluring body, she tricks her targets into letting down their guard before going in for the kill. Those few who are able to resist her seduction, she hunts down with deadly efficiency. Learning everything she can about her victims, she waits for the perfect opportunity to strike and swiftly eliminates them.

        The amount of firepower she can bring to bear on her target and the huge cock swinging between her legs earned the moniker “Artillery” in the Freedom City underworld.

        As she cuts down mob bosses and drug dealers, Artillery prepares to deliver punishment to the one person who has most failed to see justice through: the Phantom Futa.

        Artillery’s extensive combat experience and military training make her a deadly fighter, whether in against large groups or individual targets. In addition to her mastery of multiple martial arts styles, she is familiar with a wide variety of hardware ranging from automatic assault rifles to rocket-propelled grenade launchers. Her weapons, either stolen from military storage or purchased using money taken from the criminals she hunts, allow her to bring overwhelming amounts of firepower to any engagements.

        Her time spent serving overseas turned her into an expert in guerilla tactics. In conjunction with her arsenal of weapons, she is entirely capable of wiping out whole gangs singlehandedly.

        In addition, the super-soldier combat enhancements given to Artillery elevated her to the apex of human ability, giving her peak strength and endurance. One of the most important is a modification that enables her body to produce a “super-adrenaline” compound that accelerates her reaction time and her ability to perform intense physical activity for protracted periods of time and even imparts a much higher pain tolerance than a normal human.

        It is secreted in significant quantities by her testicles and is thus present in her semen. In fact, when she ejaculates the concentrated super-adrenaline in her semen ends up entering her victim’s bloodstream. Although this substance is harmless to her superhuman metabolism, when introduced into a normal human’s body it causes severe disorientation, cardiac arrest and in sufficient doses will knock them into a vegetative state. Essentially, her victims are screwed into a coma.

        - Rexxon

        Artillery belongs to Raven13

        Art by Barretxiii ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Blogspot

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          The second Patreon drawing is now available for backers

          The Phantom Futa

          Hey gang, I just wanted to give you a little sneak peek at the next Patreon funded Phantom Futa piece. This one is drawn by the incredibly talented Barretxiii. Per the Patreon funding rewards, this pic is available right now for all the backers, but won’t be on the site until next Monday. When I post it I’ll also include something about the other character involved. There is also a “wet” version of this piece that is ONLY available to Patreon backers, I’ll never post that version on the site.

          Also, now that it’s been a week I added the HD version to the IZRA commission from last week. I hope you guys dig it and thanks to all the Patreon backers who helped make this possible.

          Art by Barretxiii ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Blogspot

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            Super Hentai Foundry Fighters TURBO – The Phantom Futa

            Shemale Video Game Hentai at FutanariObsession.com

            Ok, so here’s the deal: this is a personal commission I had made for you guys, not this month’s Patreon funded pic (that’s in the works as we speak).

            When I saw Samasan post the first Super Hentai Foundry Fighters TURBO pic I knew right away that I wanted to get The Phantom Futa in on the action, but I was afraid I was too late. Thankfully Rexxon did some wheeling and dealing with Samasan and was able to get our girl added to the roster.

            That right there is pretty fucking cool, but it gets even better. If you’re viewing this on the front page, click on the link below and you can see her official in-game story and move list. The names Rexxon came up with for the moves are absolutely amazing! My favorite is her Ultimate Move- it’s called “Great Balls of Fire” lol.

            So yea, I hope you all like this fun little commission. Thanks to Rexxon for putting together all the info and text and thanks to Samasan for, well, drawing such amazing hentai. And, like I said above, this month’s Patreon funded piece is coming along nicely and we should have it for you guys soon. Enjoy!

            Read the rest of this entry »

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              The Phantom Futa and Mey Mey cosplaying as Kill la Kill

              The Phantom Futa at Futanari Obsession

              CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

              To view the SD (1000 pixels width) Version Click HERE
              To view the HD (2000 pixels width) Version Click HERE

              Ok, here it is, our first Patreon funded Phantom Futa pic. Thanks to everyone that pledged money two months ago to help make this happen. And thanks to everyone that pledged even more last month. We are already working on finding and artist for this month’s piece. Also, Rexxon and I worked out some new guidelines for the Patreon pics. Here’s how we are going to do it for now on:

              If you pledge at least $1 a month you’ll have access to the HD version of each Patreon funded piece of art one week earlier than the website. If you pledge $5 or more you will get exclusive access to any alternate versions of the pic we have produced (usually a ‘wet’version). So that means I won’t be posting any cum versions on the site. Keep in mind, this is just for Patreon funded pics. If I use my own money to fund an image then we’ll post all versions of that pic here too.

              So, a little back story about this piece by IZRA- For those of you that don’t know, The Phantom Futa is dressed like Ryūko Matoi from the anime Kill la Kill and Mey Mey is dressed like Satsuki Kiryūin, also from the same cartoon. When we came up with the idea, I was just coming off my Anime Expo high so I was in a huge Kill la Kill mood after seeing all the cosplayers in LA. I wanted to see The Phantom Futa cosplay Ryūko and since IZRA was running a sale on two characters I thought we could throw Mey Mey in for fun.

              Since I handled this commission and not Rexxon, I forgot to ask IZRA to hold off on posting this on Hentai Foundry. It’s there but I still have exclusive access to the HD version and will be updating this post next Monday with the links to them so make sure you check back.

              I hope you all like this pic. Thanks again to everyone that helped fund it! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions for our Patreon program.

              Art by IZRA ~ Hentai Foundry
              Mey Mey belongs to Amaterasu ~ Hentai Foundry

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                The Phantom Futa Pixel Art by TrekStark

                The Phantom Futa at FutanariObsession.com

                First of all, I love pixel art. I’ve been mesmerized by it ever since I was a kid. If I had the spare time I’d totally create pixel versions of my favorite characters. But alas my creativity went out the window the moment I became a small business owner. Such is life.

                At least I don’t have to worry about creating a pixel version of The Phantom Futa because the incredibly talented TrekStark already did it for me. You have no idea how excited I was when I opened a random email by him that had this pic attached to it. I’m not gonna say I squealed like a little girl, but I squealed like a little girl…in my head at least lol.

                I hope you dig this as much as I do. It’s nice to break up the hentai with something a bit more lighthearted every now and again. TrekStark said he will be working on doing pixel versions of The Phantom Futa’s rogues gallery too so keep your eyes peeled. I’ll post them as soon as I get them.

                Art by TrekStark

                The Phantom Futa at FutanariObsession.com

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