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Futanari Princess Leia fucked by Jabba the Hutt

Star Wars Futanari Hentai

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If there’s one thing our niche is lacking its that there isn’t enough futanari Princess Leia in slave costume pics. Am I right or am I right? For a while Kinky Jimmy seemed to be the only hentai artist that wanted to see the iconic Star Wars character sporting a big cock (Click HERE, HERE, and HERE) but now thanks to Transgender, over at Hentai United, we have this awesome piece.

Jabba definitely doesn’t give a shit that Leia’s got her twig and berries hanging out down there, to him a hole’s a hole. I suspect if you lived in the Star Wars universe you would probably be more open to different types of sex. Omnisexual. Isn’t that what Capt Jack (from Dr. Who and Torchwood) referes to himself as? It makes sense if you grow up in a universe where there are billions of different life forms to have sex with. At that point you’ve had sex with pretty much everything that moves so you probably aren’t really discriminating. Man, that would be pretty rad though wouldn’t it? I would love to have sex with alien chicks and futas. Capt. Jack definitely won the game of life.

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