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Chris Comic by Tekuho No Habo for HentaiTrap.com

Transgender Hentai at FutanariObsession.com

Here’s one for all the trap and femboi hentai fans out there (I know there are a few of you): Tekuho No Habo has a new comic on his website, HentaiTrap.com, titled “Chris Comic” and, as you can probably see from the first page, it’s pretty fucking hot.

Look, I know the whole trap thing is polarizing (for those of you that are new- some people openly hate that I post trap hentai on the site), but can you really tell me you wouldn’t have lots of sex with that tight little body? I certainly wouldn’t kick Chris out of the car or anything just because she doesn’t have tits, not with an ass like that at least!

If you like what you see here, or are just a fan of Tekuho No Habo’s artwork, you can join either of his sites (links below) and you will have free access to the other. So far the Chris Comic has 5 pages in the member section. I’m not sure how many are actually planned but what’s there is pretty boner inducing. Trust me, I’m not blowing smoke up your ass- I’ve already beat off to this thing at least five times already. Needless to say, Chris Comic has my seal of approval!

Art by Tekuho No Habo ~ Tekuho.xxx ~ HentaiTrap.com

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    Cute Femboi Ashley by Rukin

    Trap and Femboy Hentai at FutanariObsession.com

    Art by Rukin (aka Naver) ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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      Go Team!! Art by InCase

      Transgender Hentai at FutanariObsession.com

      I gotta say, the best thing about this drawing has to be the look on the girl’s face on the left. She totally didn’t see that surprise facial comming. Lol leave it up to InCase to come up with a concept like this. He always keeps things interesting with his hentai, that’s for sure. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have my own mess to clean up. There’s never a dry seat in the house whenever InCase’s artwork is on display!

      Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog ~ Tumblr 1 ~ Tumblr 2 ~ Patreon

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        Tails and Mario – Trap Versions by Tekuho No Habo

        Transgender Cosplay Hentai at FutanariObsession.com

        It didn’t really occur to me until just now, but do you think this is considered cosplay? I always just assumed with art like this that we were looking at hentai versions of the actual character. I guess it doesn’t really matter either way, right? I mean, whatever helps you get off- that’s the goal anyways. Personally, I’m gonna go with the cosplay fantasy. At least that way I can come up with a logical way I would be fucking these two traps, because that’s how my messed up brain works. Sigh. My brain…

        Art by Tekuho No Habo ~ Tekuho.xxx ~ HentaiTrap.com

        Transgender Cosplay Hentai at FutanariObsession.com

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          A cute trap for sale – Art by AllThingsWrong

          Transgender Hentai at FutanariObsession.com

          I would take her home and do very bad things to her. Mmmmmmmm so many very bad things…

          Sexually, of course. I’m not talking about anything evil or whatnot. Those first two sentences might have come out darker than I originally intended lol ;p

          Art by AllThingsWrong ~ Hentai Foundry

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            Office Temp: Fills Any Position Required

            Transgender Hentai at FutanariObsession.com
            Well that explains why this office job has such a high turnover rate. Not many temps who can handle two horny futas ramming their huge cocks into their mouth and ass.

            But Libby sure is trying his best!

            This wonderful picture from Dmitrys has a LOT going for it.

            There is Meryl and her giant cock ridged with veins ,her sack sitting fat and heavy in her short-shorts, huge tits and piercing nipples flopping about.

            Meanwhile Charlie is biting her lip as she prepares to blow her load into Libby’s not-so-tight-anymore butthole while she jerks him off and tweaks his nipple.

            And of course we have Libby, his cheeks caving in as he sucks down on the huge head of Meryl’s cock, his right hand urging Charlie to stroke him faster while the other hand fondles Meryl’s dangling nuts.

            But by far the hottest thing is the ring of spit bubbles and the ring of smeared purple lipstick that shows just how deep Libby was able to take Meryl’s huge prick!

            I can only hope that the poor little trap gets a raise after this!

            - Rexxon

            Art by Dmitrys ~ Website
            Libby belongs to Luckylillibby ~ Hentai Foundry
            Meryl and Aunt Charlie belong to Dmitrys

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              A busty futa mom and her son by SweetGrapes

              Dickgirl Incest Hentai at FutanariObsession.com

              Sweet! More futanari incest hentai for us to enjoy. We’re two for two today. I don’t even care that you can’t see the the mom’s dick penetrating her son’s tight trappy ass. I can picture it in my mind’s eye, and sometime that’s enough to make me cum.

              Art by SweetGrapes ~ Hentai Foundry

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                A Trap-y Rimjob by Nitrile

                Transgender Hentai at FutanariObsession.com

                This might be a bit too trap-y for some people, but I think the view is amazing. Wow…just, wow. That’s one lucky dude on the bottom. I’d give my left nut (metaphorically speaking) to be him right now. She can sit and cum on my face any day.

                Art by Nitrile ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Newgrounds ~ Tumblr

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