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Ashton: The Femboi Wonder – Art by Ninja Oi

Trap and Transgender Hentai at

Ashton all dressed up and ready to kick butt. Fully equipped to take on all cummers that dare try issuing a pounding.

Little something I decided to finally finish. Felt it was a good time to do so.

– Ninja Oi

Art by Ninja Oi ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr
Ashton belongs to Ninja Oi

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    A trap fucking a male mechanic in the ass – Art by InCase

    Femboi and Transgender Hentai by InCase at

    I really like the idea of a musculine guy getting fucked by either a futa or a trap. It’s not a dynamic I draw very often tho. I don’t think there are a lot of fans of that out there. To be honest I was surprised that this sketch won the vote. I am glad it did.

    – InCase

    Judging by the feedback I get on this site, I’m kinda surprised this got up-voted too. As someone who prefers shemales to futas, I don’t have a problem with flat-chested transgender girls, so I was keeping my fingers crossed this pic would be finished by InCase. I’m so freakin’ happy it was too! Goddamn I wish I was that guy right about now. Who’s with me? Leave a comment below and let us.

    Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog ~ Tumblr 1 ~ Tumblr 2 ~ Patreon

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      A cute femboi gets a facial – Art by InCase

      Trap and Transgender Hentai by InCase at

      Probably a bit too gay for some of you all, but I think she’s beautiful and I’d love to drop a load all over her face. Then she can return the favor with that giant meat-monster of hers. Goddamn that thing looks delicious!

      Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog ~ Tumblr 1 ~ Tumblr 2 ~ Patreon

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        Two black & white dickgirl sketches by InCase

        Shemale and Dickgirl Hentai by InCase at

        Here are two black & white dickgirl sketches InCase posted on his Tumblr page this week. My understanding is that he won’t be coloring these so I figured I’d group them together into one feature. Plus, I thought the pic on the bottom might be a little too femboi-y for some of you all and wouldn’t make for a good stand-alone post.

        Personally, I love the trap on the bottom. I certainly wouldn’t have any qualms letting her suck my dick- she looks like she’s quite good at it! That being said, I also wouldn’t have any qualms with cleaning up the bench after the shemale above is done messing it up either! Both drawings are a win in my book.

        Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog ~ Tumblr 1 ~ Tumblr 2 ~ Patreon

        Shemale and Dickgirl Hentai by InCase at

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          A trap and her consentacles – Art by Necronemesis

          Shemale and Transgender Tentacle Hentai at

          Lol I love the word “consentacles”! It tickles me to no end. I also love what said consentacles are doing to her anus. Gape before you rape (with consent), as they say! Now, if only we could see how much creamy white cum that tentacle is about to dump in her. I bet she overflows with it.

          Art by Necronemesis ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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            A cute trap playing with herself on cam

            Shemale and Transgender Hentai at

            Wowzers this is hot! Even if you don’t dig “trap” hentai you have to admit that Ulrik’s art is pretty stunning. I mean, how often do you see a piece of trans hentai this beautifully painted? Not too often, I tell you! Make sure you support Ulrik on Patreon if you want to see more hentai like this in the future!

            Ulrik Bad Ass ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Tumblr ~ Patreon

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