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The Phantom Futa pin-up by Trimarchi

The Phantom Futa pin-up by Trimarchi

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

Here’s an awesome Phantom Futa pin-up by Trimarchi for everyone to enjoy. I love seeing different artist’s interpretation of the character. With this piece Trimarchi went for a more realistic approach and I think it turned out wonderfully. It’s like the Batman Begins version of the Phantom Futa lol. I can almost imagine walking down the streets of Freedom City and looking up to see its protector standing there in all her glory – A sight I know I will never see in real life but thanks to Trimarchi I feel like I am one step closer to that reality. The full sized image is a nice widescreen pic so feel free to use it as a background for your desktop or cellphone or something. Enjoy!

Click here to see more 3D hentai by Trimarchi at DeviantArt

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