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The Phantom Futa VS La Polla Grande by Twisted

Futanari Obsession

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Here’s another great piece of Phantom Futa fan art by Twisted. This time our lovely hero is thrown in the ring with La Polla Grande, the futanari luchador! It doesn’t look like the Phantom Futa is going to win this match but, judging by the amount of cum she is shooting all over her own face and tits, I think she is still having a good time.

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    The Phantom Futa Featured Fan Art by Twisted

    ‘The Phantom Futa Featured Fan Art’ is a new section of the site that gives up-and-coming futanari artists a chance to show off their work, as long as it features the Phantom Futa of course. If you would like to submit your art please click on the ‘Contact Me’ link in the top menu and shoot me an email. It’s that easy!

    Now, lets check out the first Phantom Futa Featured Fan Art by Twisted.

    The Phantom Futa Featured Fan Art by Twisted

    The Phantom Futa Featured Fan Art by Twisted

    I had a great time watching futas on this tumblr, and I’ve been inspired by the character of Phantom Futa. She’s really interesting grafically and opens a large field to imagination and story-telling in drawings.

    It’s a trial of my version of Phantom Futa : muscular, big boobs, big tight dick with a protective semi-condom on the tip of it. I drew her eyes white to enhance the “phantom” side of the Futa.

    Too bad I didn’t draw a background… well… next time I promise.

    The Phantom Futa Featured Fan Art by Twisted

    The Phantom Futa Featured Fan Art by Twisted

    My favorite. Phantom Futa is in big trouble against Futa Cat. She was defeated by her feline opponent who takes her reward from that big dripping cock, her precious milk. I like the way Futa Cat’s tail comes out of her ass and how her huge soft dick lies on the floor.

    I wanted to undress Phantom Futa a little bit, that’s why I decided to show her tit and her feet, I think it makes her more vulnerable.

    Well, I hope you liked my drawings. I don’t have a website for them, you can’t find them anywhere on the internet, well… maybe later on Futanari Obsession. Thanks for watching, Bye.

    – Twisted

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