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Can’t Stop Fapping by Uno Makoto

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

Oh sweet balls and butts! I cannot express how much I fucking love this latest piece by Uno Makoto. My balls are aching right now and I have a boner hard enough to punch holes through sheet metal I fucking love this picture so much! 😀

Those long sleek legs, those thick thighs, that gushing pussy, those massively swollen balls draped over that vibrator, the monstrous cock nestled between her great big funbags, the fat nipple spraying milk as she tweaks and teases herself, and the embarrased yet incredibly aroused expression on her face as she sucks herself off. She’s ashamed that she’s just losing control of herself but she can’t help but love it!

Uno Makoto, you magnificent son of a bitch! Somehow, you always manage to up your game with each new picture!

Alright, I’ve said enough. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go…uh…admire this picture…in private…bye.

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    Two good pieces of uncensored futanari hentai by Uno Makoto

    Oome Futaba

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

    I was browsing through Gelbooru looking for some inspiration for today’s post when I came across these two beautiful pieces by Uno Makoto. They have been put through Photoshop to remove the black bars by a very talented good samaritan. I wish I could give credit to the person that uncensored these pics because they did a great job. They can rest assured that I will put all that hard work to good use though 😉

    I hope you guys liked the Phantom Futa origin story and bio I posted the other day. I know there is a little confusion about how she survived the explosion but Rexxon is fleshing it out as we speak. I’ll update the original post as soon as I can but until then please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks!

    Oome Futaba

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

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      Dragon’s Crown futanari doujinshi by Uno Makoto

      Dragon's Crown futanari Sorceress and Amazon by Uno Makoto

      CLICK HERE To Read The Full Doujin

      [UPDATE] – Thanks to thetsuuyaku we now have a translated version!

      A couple of months ago I posted this pic asking if anyone could find full doujin and thanks to Spartan_009 here it is! Seriously, it’s hot as hell. Everything about it is amazing – except for the censoring of course but that’s to be expected (If I ever find the translated or uncensored version I will swap this one out for that one). Uno Makoto’s artwork is absolutely gorgeous and his scenes are brilliantly laid out on the page. In case you couldn’t tell, I really like this doujin lol. Don’t take my word for it though, click on the pic above or the link below and check it out. After you are done reading it let me know what your favorite part was – Mine is when the Amazon cums in her own mouth!

      Click here to read the Dragon’s Crown futanari doujinshi by Uno Makoto

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        Dragon’s Crown futanari Sorceress and Amazon by Uno Makoto

        Dragon's Crown futanari Sorceress and Amazon by Uno Makoto

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

        I’m going to start off this post by saying that one of the games I am anticipating most in 2012 is Dragon’s Crown by Vanillaware. I loved Odin Sphere (also by Vanillaware) on the PS3 and while it was by no means a perfect game the art was absolutely gorgeous and it had a certain charm to it. When I saw the character images and game play video from Dragon’s Crown at this year’s E3 I almost nutted in my pants! Now that you know how I feel about Dragon’s Crown this next plead will hold more weight:

        Please someone help me track down this possible doujin/CG set by Uno Makoto if it in fact exists. I need it!

        I absolutely adore Uno Makoto’s work and this image has got me all kinds of hot and bothered – I love the Sorceress’ nipple popping out of her top, her erect penis (that you almost miss if you aren’t looking for it) poking through her dress, and the Amazon’s amazing round ass! Fuuuuuuuuck, I need more Dragon’s Crown futanari hentai by Uno Makoto immediately! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          [Guest Writer – Alpha Maxim] “Hot Futa Mama” short story

          Hot Futa Mama

          Busty Futanari MILF by Uno Makoto

          You walk up to the door of your girlfriend’s house and ring the bell. As you wait, you glance up and down the street, taking in the quiet suburban neighborhood. You hear the door being pulled open and you turn to greet your girlfriend. But it is not her.

          Instead, you find yourself face-to-tits with the biggest breasts you’ve ever seen! The monstrous mammaries spill out of a lacy nightie several sizes too small. The frilly “hem” of the garment is suspended almost a foot away from the wearer’s body, and just barely covers the dark brown areola the size of dinner plates. Nipples thicker than your thumb poke out of the thin fabric, as though fruitlessly attempting to drill their way to freedom.

          Read the rest of this entry »

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            [Guest Writer – Moltar] A pleasurable bulge

            A pleasurable bulge

            A pleasurable bulge by Uno Makoto

            Uno Makoto is a new futanari artist from Japan and has some great art. His drawing’s range from small petite futas to large curved women with throbbing monsters.

            I love girls with bulges, the fact you can tell how easily she’s turned on is hot. I love girls with well defined bodies, and girls who like to switch places now and then or dom over me sometimes.

            Anyways onto the image.

            Imagine, she’s reading a book after a long day of jogging in running cloths. She eventually falls asleep after a while and you find her but this time with a happy throb in her shorts. You go up to her, and you can smell the pungent sweat from her run, which only makes you want her more. You creep near her curvaceous hips and nice thick thighs only to notice how prominent her balls and cock are underneath her shorts. You start to feel her large balls. They feel quite heavy and feel wet from the sweat as you move you fingers around her balls. You move your other hand up, and slowly move your hand back and forth on her throbbing bulge as she sleeps. Then you start to hear soft moans emanating from her even though she’s asleep.

            You continue for a bit longer when all of a sudden she jolts up making her large breasts bounce as she jolts up, oddly she wakes not with anger but with a pleasant smile. You jump back and she starts to say, “You know darling you don’t have to stop, but you’re the one who’s gonna have to wash all the sweat up.” She giggles and you continue yet now with a smile on my face.

            – Moltar

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