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Futanari Bon Clay from One Piece by Yukimarugojo

Futanari Bon Clay from One Piece by Yukimarugojo

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Here’s a futanari version of the character Bon Clay from One Piece by the hentai artist Yukimarugojo. Since Bon Clay is a shapeshifter (or at least that’s my understanding) this rendering might actually be apart of canon lol. You guys can talk amongst yourself about that while I drool over her/his huge nipples and erect penis. Aside from the content I am in awe of Yukimarugojo’s exaggerated style and bright colors. This piece is absolutely gorgeous. It’s funny though that her breasts and nipples are so overly large and disproportionate that it makes her slightly-larger-than-average penis look smaller. That’s fine by me because I’m not a fan of insanely large futa cocks! They scare me o_O

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