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Futanari Luna Himeki from Vanguard Princess

Sexy Vanguard Princess futanari doujinshi

Futanari Luna Himeki from Vanguard Princess

Well that’s one way to get around the whole censoring thing – just cover up the futa pussy and dick with stickers. I can’t imagine they would be all that comfortable to wear but it sure as hell looks cool. I like the fact that you can still see Luna Himeki’s tight asshole through the “underwear”, it’s almost as if she wasn’t wearing anything at all! For those of you that don’t know what Vanguard Princess is you really should check it out – It’s a Japanese freeware 2D fighting game for Windows created by one (supposedly) ex-Capcom employee and it looks beautiful! The character above isn’t actually a futanari in the game so those of you that were hopping to see her cock flopping around while playing it will be disappointed. Sorry 🙁

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    Petite futanari elf sucking her own dick

    Sexy loli futanari sucking on her own dick

    Self sucking futanari elf by Yusa Maruboro

    Ok first of all I have to say that I adjusted the colors of the original. I don’t usually do that but you can’t see shit – the original is very “white”. Click on the pic above and you will see what I mean. Now that we have that out of the way I can talk about how much I love this image. Yusa Maruboro is fairly well known for illustrating petite futanari girls with long slender cocks. They aren’t quite shota because the have proportional breasts but they definitely ride the line between “petite” and “loli”. Aside from his illustrations being censored they are damn near perfect – I really couldn’t ask for more in life. I love the look of dedication on her face as she attempts to swallow every drop of her own cum in this image. Priceless!

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      Demon futanari with puffy nipples

      Demon futanari with puffy nipples jerking off

      Demon futanari with puffy nipples jerking off

      I love puffy inverted nipples almost as much as I love demon dickgirls so how convenient that this pic has both! I’m the big winner today. Too bad the damn thing is censored a bit – it fucking sucks when you see a hot futa pic and then you look down and it’s censored. At least this one isn’t too bad. You can still see her jerking off her long cock and cumming hard.

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