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Taka’zha and Adoria by Suumunster


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You know, I’ve seen quite a few draenei or draenei-hybrid characters on HF. And I have to say I don’t understand what those head tendril things are. What strange evolutionary circumstances could have led to such a feature evolving in a species that is otherwise very similar to a human being? Maybe draenei are like Taka’zha here and just really enjoy tweaking their own nipples? But that would mean tweaking their nipples has some kind of survival advantage over non-nipple-tweakers. Hmmm…

Okay enough pseudo-biology musing, back to the porn. If you’ve seen Suumunster’s art before you know what’s going to be in this puppy. Incredibly detailed drawings with amazing shading, texturing and composition.

There’s barely any space in this picture that does not have a boob, a cock, a hip, a pussy or some equally delectable body part. Just take a moment to let the image sink in because it really is beautifully made.

Of course it’s also mad sexy to boot. Loving the little touches like Taka’zha’s tendril coiling around her perky nipple and the strand of saliva that lets us know Adoria was sucking the other tit for all she’s worth. It’s getting pretty messy down below as well, with Taka’zha’s stiff cock plunging into Adoria’s soft pussy and blowing a load of hot cum deep inside her. Even Taka’zha’s tail is getting in on the action! Not that Adoria minds the extra guest, seeing as how her toes are curling and her abdomen is flexing as an orgasm rocks through her body!

– Rexxon

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