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Take It Deep by Anasheya

Futanari Obsession

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

This picture right here is the definition of “Going balls deep”. Look, she’s so deep in his ass that their balls are actually touching! The fact that her cum is spilling out and pooling up around his scrotum is just icing on the cake. Dear god… I can’t stop staring at it… I’m completely mesmerized…


We all know by now that Anasheya likes to crank out a lot of pics so if she makes more from this particular series (same teacher and student) I’ll add them to this post, so be on the look out.

Anasheya ~ Hentai Foundry

[UPDATE] – Part 2! w00t!!

Futanari Obsession

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

[UPDATE] – Part 3!! w00t!!!!!! Keep ’em coming, Anasheya!

Futanari Obsession

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

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    12 Responses to “Take It Deep by Anasheya”

    • Lori:

      i cant wait to see em. i’m actually excited, in more ways than one but that’s a different story.

    • bender Bending Rodriguez:

      “bitch of a nurse”
      this actually sounds alot like the continuation of the previous one
      i know you said “teacher” but it was actually a nurse but the health class references, the “taking of his temperature the old fassioned way” and et’cetera all point to a nurse
      perhaps this means there will be a threesome in the future?
      nurse X this chick(jealous teacher? his mother? random futa milf?) X this lucky bastard

    • Yea, she’s the teacher and the other ones I posted a month ago or so was the nurse. I assume it’s the same student. I want to go to that school!

    • bender Bending Rodriguez:

      Ah i thought so. I went thro alot of anas old works and i think the neme is lori or something, most recent one with this particular futa i belive is titled “teacher job”… the thigh-highs look similar, no lace at the top like in teacher job, but wuddever..
      lucky bastard.. why the fuck cant this happened when we were in school damnit?!

    • bender Bending Rodriguez:

      Edit: LIDA not lori… teachers name is lida.
      freaking commenter lori confusing me with similar name >_>

    • bender Bending Rodriguez:

      W00T UPDATE!!! FUCK YAH!!!

      ya kno im not so sure if i hate this lucky lil bastard or pity him… eh on the one hand glorious sex for the win, on the other possessive/abuseive/agressive bitches…

    • Lori:

      wheres the losing part?

    • FutAfaN:

      woah, this looks very good. but the nurse is evil though. if she would be more kind and the guy would enjoy, that would be more likable XP~
      or the guy being another futa, would be interesting. im more into futa-futa or futa-females relations. ^^

    • DMJ:

      Im fine with her being evil she can go evil on my ass any day!

    • nativeriver:

      this one just turns me inside out…I think I luv her, too…lucky guy…

    • FUtaLover:

      I can’t stop cummin to this!! Must have more!!!

    • renatino18:

      when ,great anasheya, shall do Anal assault ? you are very great artist, tank you por your drawings Enrico

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