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Tenabael the Dickgirl Demon – Art by Emma Presents

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Tenabael is typical specimen of the infernal type. She’s violent, conniving, lewd, manipulative and altogether evil. She tends to view people as one of three things: Fuck toys, murder victims, or as potential pawns. This last one is most beneficial to the person, as it leaves her least liable to kill you or seriously injure you through her fucking you. As such, she lacks any sort of moral compass. As a demon of lust she comes equipped to please either sex, having both a vagina and a dick, which, when fully erect stands at around ten inches long.

– Emma Presents

Art by Emma Presents ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Patreon

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    3 Responses to “Tenabael the Dickgirl Demon – Art by Emma Presents”

    • futalover:

      red has always been my fav color and now ican b get fucked by a red dick plus she can fly us in the air so we can join the mile high club

    • alex:

      nice ;3

    • technogen:

      Damn, she has such a delicious cock! Oh my fucking jizzus! It breaks my heart to see her cum dripping down on the floor! Such a waste of precious jizz! I wanna jump under her and catch those drops of cum in my mouth before they touch the ground! Then I’d get up on my knees, put her red juicy cock and suck on it till she squirts another load of jizz in my mouth! And then guess what? I’d keep sucking until she cums in my mouth again and again and again without end! Would you wanna spend an eternity being her personal cocksucker?

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