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Tentacles and Sponty by Uthstar01

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Sponty sure does love her some tentacles, doesn’t she? And tentacles fucking love her back!

Not strictly a holiday picture, but good lord! I bet Sponty and her tentacle friends are pumping out enough hot cum to cover a small country! She could hose down everyone with her thick baby-batter and give them all a white Christmas to remember! I mean look at that jet of jizz that’s spraying from Sponty’s cock and flying through the air! She’s got some distance on that dick-cannon! And once she’s done with snowing cum everywhere, she could make a ton of eggnog for us to enjoy 😀

And on that note, ladies and gentlemen and err…”Gentlefutas”? “Futaladies”? I dunno….enjoy the holidays!

– Rexxon

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    2 Responses to “Tentacles and Sponty by Uthstar01”

    • Lu:

      My favorite part about this is the gooey, slimy residue the tentacle-tips are leaving on her cock. You can just hear the slow motion ‘schlick-schlick-schlick’ over and over.

    • Jake:

      So this tentacle is going “all the way through” otherwise how is it coming out of her ass. Never realized that about this pic.

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