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“That girl is Poison” by Made From Lazers [UPDATE]

That girl is Poison by Made From Lazers

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

Even though it doesn’t show any of her juicy futa bits this is still a beautiful rendering of our beloved Poison by one of my all-time favorite artists, Made From Lazers. Unfortunately Laz has been too pre-occupied working on JAB to post much on Hentai Foundry so any new pic by him instantly makes my heart race. Don’t get me wrong, I totally respect the need to work and make that paper – hentai artists need to eat too – I just miss seeing new pieces by Laz. Here’s hoping that this pic of Poison is a sign of things to come but if not, I’m glad to hear that he is getting full time work with JAB.

PS – Yes, the title is a reference to the Bell Biv Devoe song but I can’t take credit for being clever, that was all Made From Lazers.

Click here to see more hentai by Made From Lazers at Hentai Foundry

[UPDATE] – Made From Lazers just sent me this futa version of Poison exclusively for Futanari Obsession. Fucking rad! Thanks Laz!

Futanari Obsession Exclusive

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

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    2 Responses to ““That girl is Poison” by Made From Lazers [UPDATE]”

    • ralphie:

      I fucking love it when artist will send you exclusive content for free. So making a hf account to show my support and thank him.

    • A certain guy:

      Why balls? I can’t get why artists are so obsessed drawing futa with balls? Moreover, some of them drawing futa with balls without vag!! … I just can’t understand why trannys are being justified as it’s futa! Damn…

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