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That’s Adorable by GunnmX

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Remember these two lovely ladies? Well here they are, out of costume but looking no less stunning for it!

Once again I am awestruck by the size difference between these girls. Adoriabelle is a curvy little thing beside Rae’s behemoth bazongas and bountiful butt and yet that same contrast works beautifully!

Clearly Adoriabelle is ready and raring to go! She’s tied up, has a dildo up her bum and vibrators running inside her, and she’s gushing like a fountain. She’s obviously not at all intimidated by Rae’s massive cock. In fact the little cutaway shows that she’s going to work that giant schlong for all its worth! It’ll start with a chaste kiss to the glans, but once gets all slick and slobbery, well…who knows where that pillar of hot cock will plunge next?

Rae’s looking eager as well if the pulsating veins throbbing along her shaft are any indicator! Love how the skintight fabric of her outfit just sinks and disappears into her plush asscheeks! Also love how Rae’s left arm has to go over her boob because it projects so far to her sides. Amazing.Thank the hentai gods that Rae’s got the ripped back muscles it takes to haul those incredible melons around! Or maybe it’s the reverse and it’s from carrying around her earth-shaking boobage that she’s so built? Hmmm…a mystery for another time.

Also, that thing in the lower-right hand corner? It’s not a black hole or some kind of quantum singularity, though it is  a portal to a universe of wonderment and joy! That’s Rae’s magnificent butthole. And it is deliciously inviting. I certainly hope that once she has her turn that Adoriabelle gives Rae’s sweet ass some loving as well.

Come on Adoria, you know a hole like that deserves better than just a tail!


GunnmX ~ Hentai Foundry ~ tumblr

Suumunster ~ Hentai Foundry

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    2 Responses to “That’s Adorable by GunnmX”

    • Suumunster:

      Thanks a lot for posting this, and I’m so sorry for the delayed comment. But of course Adoria will give Rae’s a lot of loving regards her perfect asshole too. Who could resist this purple and inviting butthole anyway? :3
      Again, thanks a lot for posting this, I really appreciate!

    • Futalover:

      I want to eat that nice ass

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