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The Boi Mistress by AF

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It really doesn’t matter if your a demon, human or angel. Sometimes weird shit just happens, not exactly good or bad. Just weird, humans have their odd birthing just as much as any other species on the planet so when a succubus had a child and most surprisingly it was ‘male’ and more interestingly wasn’t an Incubus something was decidedly wrong. And did they care? No – not really, they found it rather interesting and as always nature vs nurture took its tole as his succubus mother had a lot of fun raising and teaching him to be a good succubus.

His life was pretty much what you expected until he was sent to earth to start his task of gathering souls for blah blah blah. Yea he bailed on that, cut his ties and decided to have some fun – particular find some lovely, tasty, sexy mortals to make into his personal play things… or just fuck and tease them. As long as it was fun.

This wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary for succubi- in fact often times it was fully expected of them! Very few demons are well and truly subjugated beyond someone who is immensely more powerful then they are. His Mother(s) where such and kept him under firm lock and key while he was growing up. Naturally this meant he had to be a good boy… well behaved (in demon standards) until chance presented itself for him to escape and strike out to become his own demon. And the best way to do that is to increase his powers! Still there is always that lingering doubt, that odd tickle at the back of his mind that his parents will find him and make sure he remembers his proper place… or perhaps he will out grow them and turn the tables?

– The Boi Mistress

Here’s a cool new character to keep an eye on – The Boi Mistress. I love her big hips!

Art by AF ~ Hentai Foundry
The Boi Mistress belongs to The Boi Mistress ~ Hentai Foundry

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