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The closest approximation

Since a lot of you have been asking for pics of the shemale neighbor I hooked up with the other day I thought I’d post this vid. Before you say anything, – No, this isn’t her, but this girl damn close in skin tone, physique, dick size, and hair. My neighbor’s tits are better though (she got them done in Beverly Hills she said). Oh, and I’m much better looking than that dude lol.

I’ve beat off to this video many times now because of of how similar this shemale looks to my neighbor (even before we hooked up). The compression quality kinda sucks (fucking tub sites), but since I’ll probably never post a proper pic this is will have to do.

I haven’t hung out with her since the first time, but I did see her before I left for the holidays and we talked about hanging out when I got back in Jan. Of course I’ll let you all know how it goes. Until then, watch this vid then re-read my story and you’ll have a better idea what to picture in your head.

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