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The First Lady of the United States, 3050 by Spubba

The First Lady of the United States by Spubba

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When I first saw the thumbnail for this pic on Hentai Foundry I thought it was by 34San. Much to my surprise the artist name is Spubba and while she mostly draws naked dudes she seems to be just as adept at rendering hot dickgirls. I really hope Spubba produces more pics like this in the future because, lets be honest, she knows how to draw a pretty beefy dick lol. Seriously that monster could hurt someone. The story behind the character is pretty cool too so head on over to her Hentai Foundry profile and check it out but just be aware that there are a lot of naked guys in her portfolio (not that there is anything wrong with that). Spubba is now on my radar.

Click here to see more male hentai by Spubba

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