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The Fountain of Cum by Iri-neko

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Uhhh, yeah. “Fountain of Cum”. Not much else I can say really. That title pretty much covers it…

It really is a “Fountain of Cum”. It’s just gushing out of the futa’s cock. It’s not even coming in spurts or anything. Just one long, continuous stream of pearly-white jizz, splattering all over the redhead’s tits and face. She doesn’t mind though. She’s loving it! She’s rubbing it into her tits, her mouth’s open to catch some more cum, she’s gazing into her lover’s eyes with that sweet, hungry gaze.

Damn that looks yummy. I’ll be honest,  I’m not sure which one I’m more jealous of.

– Rexxon

Iri-neko ~ Hentai Foundry

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