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The Heist: Ghosts in the Closet by Xatiav

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MasterChef: Greetings, I’m proud to present “The Heist”, a joint effort project I’ve been working with Amaterasu on, you might recognize that name as being associated with the infamous Mey-Mey. This started out as just a couple small collaborative piece and then somehow exploded into a whole fricken novella (It was pretty magical). While it’s still not 100% yet due to waiting on artists and finalizing Chapter 7, what is released so far should leave you on the edge of your seat and wanting more.

Amaterasu: I like turtles.

MasterChef: I like trains. Here’s a bit of a teaser to Chapter 3 “Pinned from Both Ends”, I highly recommend checking out the whole story labeled with “The Heist” (Which starts on Chapter 15 of my collection of works)

“…Amber slid a hand up Mey’s thigh, “Revenge…IFR is in the business of revenge…our personal style of revenge might be a little…alternative.”

This didn’t bode well for Mey, two prosthetic body users could easily overpower her, “I thought you didn’t mind…what happened…”

“Oh…what happened? Was Amber being a bad girl?” Jade slowly began to undo the buttons of Mey’s white blouse. “Or was it you?”…”

We hope to have chapter 7 and this arc of the story finished soon, along with getting art commissions completed for the respective chapters.

Click HERE to read “The Heist” and “Pinned from Both Ends”

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Futanari Obsession

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

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