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The Oenemal – Interactive Erotic Stories With You As The Star

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Here’s something I think everyone will get a kick out of – an interactive futanari story where the readers can choose the outcome. The site is called The Oenemal (pronounced ‘animal’) and basically people can submit their fantasies, physical traits, real names (or not), and they will be turned into an erotic story. Right now the first story is called “Hard Choices” and features a sexy futa. The pic above by Onagi was commissioned for the site and if things go well there might be more to come.

Below is an excerpt from “Hard Choices” part one so if you like what you see then by all means check out The Oenemal. It’s completely free so have fun and show them some love by spreading the word.

I’m sweating. She’s dripping. We’re dancing like there really is no tomorrow. Her smell as I brush my face past her slippery, smooth neck is utterly intoxicating – whatever perfume she applied earlier in the night has combined with her own feminine chemicals and produced an odour that fragrance companies should tirelessly look into. She bends forward and her perfect round arse backs into my crotch again; rubs up and down to this horrendous dance beat that I am far too old to be enjoying!

She flicks her long, dark hair and looks back at me with her smoky eyes and sharp, almost menacing brows. I look down at a perfect figure eight contained in a sweat-stained silver dress and I’m sold – this is by far the hottest chick I have ever picked up (if, of course, I don’t stuff anything up from here!) Actually, it’s one of the hottest girls I think I’ve ever seen in real life! I reach down and hold on to her flat stomach, pull her firm back up against my chest so I can inhale her again. I know I need to move this along before she gets bored and moves onto the next schmuck, so I brush my lips against her neck, hold them there, slightly open, breathe onto her smooth skin, wait for a reaction. She doesn’t run; she doesn’t pull away; she doesn’t slap. She moves ever so slightly towards me and opens her neck – she’s on. I take the cue and kiss, and kiss, and kiss – small but sensual pecks down her nape towards her mostly uncovered shoulder.

My hands become slightly more adventurous and I send one down south. It slides ever so easily down her waist where I allow it to brush past her mound and rest on the front of her fit thigh. Something hard presses against my thumb and I think for a second that it doesn’t feel like her other leg. The moment of thought stops abruptly; her hand, as it turns out, enjoys a little adventure as well. I realise this as she takes a firm grasp of my already-hard dick through my pants.

1. Ask if she wants to leave.
2. See how far you can get in a club by sliding a finger into her.
3. Go off to meet back up with your friends.
4. Any other suggestions 🙂

Continue reading at The Oenemal

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