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The Phantom Futa and Ell by Anasheya

The Phantom Futa at Futanari Obsession

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The Phantom Futa and Ell

Story by Rexxon
Art by Anasheya

The Phantom Futa sat stock-still on the bed and watched with rapt attention as the beauty standing before her disrobed.

Ell had her back turned, giving a perfect profile of her body as she stripped. She unbuttoned a shirt that was clearly several sizes too small, releasing her impressive bosom. Her bust was so large that even from behind, the Phantom Futa could still see the curved sides of her breasts.

Then she unbuckled her belt and slowly peeled away the tight leather pants that hugged her shapely bottom. The heroine bit her lower lip as the firm, rounded globes of the woman’s rear slowly emerged. As the pants dropped lower, the magnificent pillow of an ass glided into thick, luscious thighs. A thong wound its way around Ell’s waist, disappeared into the valley between her asscheeks, and reemerged just in time to barely cover the lips of womanhood. But the microscopically thin garment could do little to restrain the enormous cock bulging against its confines.

The thong was soon dropped to the floor and the cock was freed. It flopped down under its own weight, the tip coming to a stop between Ell’s thighs. The shaft was as thick as a person’s arm and ended in a head the size of a fist. A pair of lemon-sized balls rested near the base, swinging slightly with the woman’s movements. Almost as though it noticed the Phantom Futa’s attention, the organ began to harden and lengthen, coming closer and closer to Ell’s knees.

Now fully nude, Ell turned around and locked gazes with the Phantom Futa. The heroine looked into one eye that was a silvery-blue and the other that was a warm brown, peering through bangs of milk-white hair. Her gaze drifted lower, settling on Ell’s mouth where the tips of pointed canines peeked out from her lips. A pink tongue decorated with a single piercing darted out and ran over each of the sharp fangs, leaving them glistening in the light. Then the Phantom looked back up to meet Ell’s eyes. The vampiress raised an eyebrow quizzically and grinned, showing off more of her pearly teeth. The heroine smirked and patted an empty spot on the bed beside her.

Ell walked up to the edge of the bed and then leaned forward. She started crawling towards the Phantom Futa on all fours while the other woman simply reclined and grinned eagerly, legs splayed apart and her semi-erect shaft pointed into the air. The vampiress drew closer, moving with deliberate slowness. Her pointed nails and the way her body moved with an easy, feline grace gave the impression of a jungle cat on the prowl. Her breasts wobbled hypnotically back and forth, impossibly firm for their size, while her cock bobbed between her thighs like a strange tail. As Ell moved up along the bed, their penises rubbed together ever-so-slightly. The brief contact sent tingles down both women’s spines. Then the tips of Ell’s nipples brushed against the Phantom’s and they hissed as the sensitive nubs touched.

At last, Ell came face-to-face with the Phantom. She reached up and gently pushed aside a bundle of purple hair, baring the Phantom Futa’s carotid. A pointed tongue darted out and licked her full lips as she hungrily eyed the artery, pulsing faster and faster as the excited woman’s heartbeat picked up. She looked to the Phantom who nodded her consent and turned her head to allow easier access. Smiling in satisfaction, Ell then stretched her mouth wide, revealing pointed canines that glinted like little diamonds. Tilting her head slightly to the side, she smoothly sank her fangs into the heroine’s neck.

Although she knew it was coming, the Phantom could not suppress a gasp as she felt Ell’s jaw close and fangs pierce her. She closed her eyes, her hands clenched the bedsheets and her breathing came in short, desperate gasps. Adrenaline surged through her body as animal instinct overwhelmed her, screaming at her to fight, to run away from the predator whose jaws were clamped around her vulnerable neck.

Then the pain faded and the fangs came out with a faint pop. The Phantom felt Ell’s soft body press against her. The vampiress’ body was noticeably cooler than a human’s but the effect was surprisingly soothing. She opened her eyes in time to see Ell lower herself into a tender kiss. As their lips met, the Phantom’s icy panic faded, replaced by the warmth of arousal. Her cock sprang to attention, bumping against Ell’s equally erect shaft.

A jolt of electricity zapped through both cocks, causing to Ell pull out of the kiss and gasp at the unexpected contact. The two women shared a giggle before Ell turned back to her feeding. A tongue far longer than any human’s snaked out of her mouth and lapped at the droplets of blood welling up out of the Phantom’s neck.

Ell’s pupils shrank as she tasted the heroine’s blood. The liquid left little trails of fire everywhere it touched. The heat began to course through her body, leaving a pleasant burn almost like a shot of brandy.

The blood worked its way down until it reached her chest. She moaned as she felt the blood pooling in her breasts, causing them to swell. Although the change was almost imperceptible to the naked eye, Ell felt the familiar sensation that always accompanied a deep feeding. She could feel her mammaries expanding, hugged tightly by her firm skin.

Then the blood traveled to her groin and a burning feeling erupted deep inside of her. Ell’s already substantial balls grew bigger, swelling like ripe fruit. A satisfying weightiness filled her sack, as gravity tugged at her enlarged balls. The rest of the blood rushed into her penis. The shaft lengthened even more and veins bulged as her erection grew painfully hard. Droplets of pussy juice teased her as they ran over her balls and down her cock.

In desperate need of release, Ell swiftly turned herself around and pressed her cockhead against the Phantom’s mouth. The heroine parted her lips and the thick, juicy member slipped in. Propping herself up on her hands and knees, Ell pistoned her cock up and down, in and out of her lover’s mouth. The Phantom Futa gagged as her throat was filled with cockmeat and she slathered the shaft with her tongue as it lowered into her mouth, lubing it as best she could.

Ell moaned in delight at the ministrations and sped up her thrusts. The feverish heat that had suffused her entire body began to settle into a single white-hot point of agony and pleasure centered on her cock. Pressure and heat continued to build up in Ell’s balls until she could hold back no longer. Her balls tightened and unleashed their load, sending a unbroken jet of creamy hot cum pouring into the Phantom’s throat. Her Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as the heroine frantically swallowed to avoid drowning in the torrent of seed pouring into her gullet.

Sighing contentedly, Ell shakily lifted herself up and pulled her cock out of the Phantom Futa’s mouth. Suddenly the heroine’s body spasmed and her back arched. Ell was knocked off-balance and sent face first into the Phantom’s crotch. Ell’s eyes widened as she saw her lover’s flesh ripple and shift. A mound bulged out underneath the spandex of the Phantom’s costume, just next to her cock. Ell gripped the fabric and quickly tore it open. The mound grew longer and thicker, the tip darkening and reshaping into a mushroom-shape. Soon the Phantom Futa was sporting two identically thick, rockhard cocks.

Ell barely had time to process this development before she felt something wet slinking around her cock. Craning her head back, she saw that the Phantom’s tongue had become inhumanly long like her own. The Phantom was snaking her tongue around Ell’s shaft, pulling it back down into her mouth.

Grinning as she felt her cock hardening again, Ell turned her attention to the duo of dicks her lover was now sporting. She grasped the “original” with her hand and began stroking it gently and enveloped the other with her mouth, her tongue winding in tight, slick coils around the meaty member.

In the corner of her mind, Ell faintly noticed the first rays of dawn shining through the window. Unaffected and unworried by the sunlight, Ell eagerly continued her wet, noisy suckling.

And she silently mused to herself that today would be a good day…

– Rexxon

Anasheya ~ Hentai Foundry

To view the SD (1000 pixels width) Version Click HERE
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The Phantom Futa at Futanari Obsession

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

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