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The Phantom Futa and Purgy in “Barroom Brawl” by InkAsylum

The Phantom Futa and Purgy in "Barroom Brawl" by InkAsylum

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The Phantom Futa is looking to relax after a long night of crimefighting and ducks into a small bar for a quick drink before heading home. The bar is deserted at such a late hour, save for the bartender, a busty young African-American woman who introduces herself as Purgatory Brezoianu or “Purgy”. Though surprised to see a superhero in full costume walk through her door, Purgy immediately likes what she sees and serves the Phantom Futa with an ample supply of drinks. The Phantom Futa is equally intrigued by the sensuous bombshell and gladly accepts. She is doubly intrigued when she notices the outline of a deliciously thick cock bulging from Purgy’s dress.

The two end up chatting over drinks through the night and into the morning. When the Phantom Futa prepares to leave, she realizes that she has racked up a significant bill. Purgy offers to help out by proposing a wager: whichever one of them cums first will cover the cost of the drinks.

Both ladies are confident in their lovemaking abilities and immediately set about driving the other to orgasm. But their confidence begins to fade after several rounds of jiggling titjobs and deep throat blowjobs fail to push their partner over the edge while their own pleasure rises.

Finally, neither one can hold out any longer and having reached their limit, both orgasm explosively in a gush of gooey, sticky cum!

It’s a tie! Lucky for us! 😉

– Rexxon

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    3 Responses to “The Phantom Futa and Purgy in “Barroom Brawl” by InkAsylum”

    • how cool 2 C these 2 legends/memes of futa history goin at it ! 🙂

    • Purgy:

      Awesome, need to another one soon if you like. I know a good artist for the job also. I hope you got the email of Purgy in her “Lady Liberty” outfit.

    • Futa Onyx:

      $2.95 an issue, oh my o.o
      Looks at cover pic, it’s worth it X3

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