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The Phantom Futa and Purgy versus The Dick-Dominating Duo!

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The Phantom Futa and Purgy versus The Dick-Dominating Duo!
Purgy created and owned by Purgy
Viri1ity created and owned by IHeartBlank
Mindrape created and owned by Rexxon

The mad scientist Mindrape discovered the malicious artificial intelligence known as Viri1ity hacking into her computer network. Though she initially attempted to delete the self-aware program, Mindrape soon realizes that they share a common enemy. A bargain is struck as the two supervillains agree to cooperate to destroy The Phantom Futa. Mindrape even provides Viri1ity with a lethal gynoid body, giving her a physical form for the first time.

Together the villains lay a trap but get more than they bargained for when they ensnare not only the Phantom Futa, but also her occasional lover and fellow crimefighter Purgy. Despite the unexpected presence of a second hero, the villains are able to overwhelm the do-gooders and drag them back to their hideout.

Viri1ity uses her familiarity with the human psyche in conjunction with Mindrape’s potent mental powers to subject the captured heroes to countless sexual tortures. The virile heroes are ravaged and ravished by the cruel villainesses, forced to orgasm time and time again. Although they try to resist their wills begin to crumble.

Will the Phantom Futa and Purgy be able to free themselves in time? Or will they lose their minds to pleasure and become the playthings of Mindrape and Viri1ity, cumming endlessly for the amusement of their new mistresses?

– Rexxon

ShiftyMcGearJam ~ FurAffinity ~ DeviantArt

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    6 Responses to “The Phantom Futa and Purgy versus The Dick-Dominating Duo!”

    • bender bending rodriguez:

      Good godfried man! I thin theres a reason MR aint letting Purgy use that cock of hers in her pussy. Even Vir with her *ahem* more durable gynoid chasis would break to pieces… Hmm maybe thats how they escape?

    • Purgy:

      Awesome, shifty did such a awesome job on this pic and “Phantom Futa” and “Lady Liberty” are looking like they’ll be in some very loving hands don’t you think?

    • IHeartBlank:

      I’m loving all the Phantom Futa love lately!

    • Lori:

      really a sexy piece.
      @IHeartBlank i agree. we can never have too much of her

    • DMJ:

      call me old fashioned but im fine with these particular heros losing this fight, and many other fights because frankly, them losing is sexy as hell

    • Amber:

      I love the look on TPF & Purgys faces. So mesmerized. Love hypno futa!

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