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The Phantom Futa and Purgy vs Milk Mistress

The Phantom Futa at Futanari Obsession

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Twas the day of giving, the day of Christmas. A day where all put aside their differences and celebrate with gifts of joy, gifts of love, and gifts of the most erotic of pleasure known to man. But for now before I continue lets visit two naughty heroines as they celebrate together as even hero’s need to take a break for the holidays as well. Both of these heroines in their skimp holiday wear showing off their prized assets in which they dangle about as each girl was soon finish handing each other gifts.

From tight revealing outfits, to the common and also revealing hero garments for patrol. To gifts of dildos and sexual toys, to butt plugs and anal beads. And also gifts of pure erotic delight.

But then their eyes shift towards the table. A table decorated in Christmas glee as well as some few mentions of Christmas flavored condom and eggnog flavored lube. Both Phantom and Liberty notice a note as well with some milk and cookies, but as they read the note in which smelled of fresh pine but also of wet and delicious cunt they couldn’t help but to wonder. To wonder how someone was able to come in with out their notice, and also who would love such delicious milk and cookies even though looking back at the fireplace in which they had their own milk and cookies resting for Santa on top. As they both grabbed a glass soon taking a sip tasting it warm and delicious cream to slide down their throats, as Phantom and Liberty continue to drink the glass of milk soon noticing just how much delicious it was even when finishing the glass.

Bodies feeling hot and not by the warm fire, both girls cocks now erected and throbbing soon leaking globs of pre. Liberty and Phantom was soon press against each other from their huge and massive tits pressing against one another, from their long and powerful cocks of justice rubbing and sliding their thick pre against one another. Their hotly breath from their moans as they soon could barely control themselves as if something or someone was controlling them. Both their hands could barely contain themselves rubbing, stroking, kneading and soon fingering ever part before a voice was ringing in their heads a voice all too familiar. “If you two sluts are done with this enticing show. I believe i have the perfect gift just for you two!” As both heroines soon turn their head to see the Milk Mistress in their home sitting and bare, only wearing a Santa cap and some small green thong her impressive and massive round and gravity defying breast leaking that addictive milk that she is so well known for rapidly leaking from those mounds down to the floor.

With only a lick from her lips and a motion of her fingers the Milk Mistress soon command her new slaves towards her as both heroines couldn’t contain themselves already at the Milk Mistress nipples sucking and drinking as much milk as they can. Both girls tugging and sucking those fat inhuman size nipples as tho their was infants once again. And Milk Mistress just moaning and biting her lips for pleasure. As her milk her addictive milk flow by the gallons and down the now submissive hero’s throats. Both hero’s sub coming to their captor whims. And also know affect of Milk Mistress powerful milk, in which soon Phantom Futa and Lady Liberty was producing vast amounts of cum. Even though these two naughty heroes are well known just for that as well. And those huge globs of cum was dripping all over the hot chocolate cookies covering them in a white glaze in which Milk Mistress pic one up, one with the most cum on it as she took a whiff of it, enjoying the salty and yet smell from it and the taste was just as divine as she swallow the cookie, taking her time to enjoy the sensation it gives it. “Mmmm…you heroes are so fun to play with, and you two i love playing with the most. But don’t worry this is my gift to the both of you and soon i’ll be receiving the most precious gift from you two soon!” As Milk Mistress looked down at those growing hard cocks, leaking with that delicious cum that fills her wants while her hands caress both girls as if they were her very own children. And all Phantom Futa and Lady Liberty can do is just drink and drink of that addictive milk.

“Now my two little elves how about you join Santa Milk in some yule time fun!” Milk Mistress said as she soon collared and leash her two new super slaves as she finish the cum covered cookies with a lick her lips tasting the mixture of cum and chocolate. “Now time to see who’s next on my list of naughty heroes to visit, and also my two little elves. Your mistress need you to keep that yummy cum flow for me!” Milk Mistress said as she soon hope on her sleigh with the two heroes now at her command and pulled from their leash as they set off to captor more and more heroes for the Milk Mistress.

So to one and to all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And also if you’re naughty, you might get a visit from Santa Milk and her two huge cocked elves.

Story by Purgy ~ Furaffinity
Art by Idlecil ~ Hentai Foundry

Milk Mistress is owned by IHeartBlank
Purgy belongs to Purgy ~ Furaffinity

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