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The Phantom Futa as “Angel Futa” by Traxx

The Phantom Futa Hentai at


Originally wanted to do it in the regular Phantom Futa costume style but thought…Naaaaaaaa! 🙂

Almost immediately after I decided to design a new suit, her ‘Phantom Futa’ moniker linked my mind straight to ‘Phantom Lady’, sooooo…

Actually contemplated designing her based on the actual ‘Phantom Lady’ superheroine, cape and all, but, Angel Blade seemed more like a daring style to attempt.

So called her ‘Fantom Futa’ to really give that classic super hero alliteration; alternatively you can call her ‘Angel Futa’ to fit the design style even more. 😀

Whatchu guys think? She good enough to fit in the ‘Angel Moon’ series or what? 🙂

I know the Blue’s used aren’t totally her usual, but seeing as I was going for a more outlandish design, decided to go for colours that fit that style more, hence These blues borrowed from the amazing VincentCC’s own version of her that popped more.

– Traxx

I think Traxx has a direct line to my brain because I’ve always wanted to see a Phantom Futa/Angel Blade mash-up, but for some reason never made it happen before. Thank you so much for this awesome piece, it looks even more amazing than I ever thought it would in my head. If you guys like what you see make sure you follow Traxx on Hentai Foundry.

Art by Traxx ~ Hentai Foundry

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